Performing Arts Scholarship

Performing Arts Scholarship

For girls who shine on stage

Awarded to students who demonstrate a high level of academic potential, and demonstrable achievement in the Performing Arts at a state or national standard.

The successful scholarship recipient will reflect the MLC values of Engage with Respect, Aspire with Responsibility, Act with Compassion and Explore with Courage, and represent the College in productions, festivals and special events and any other opportunities they are selected for.

Scholars must be a passionate and enthusiastic student who enjoys being involved in a creative process that is collaborative and inclusive and actively participate in the Dramatic Arts co-curricular program as participant or a leader.

Please see a list of our Dramatic Art opportunities here.

Scholarship Name Entry Year Level Means Test ACER Test
All-Rounder Scholarship (Performing Arts) Years 7, 9, 10 and 11 No Yes

Please note, 2025 Entry Scholarships closed at 5pm on 19 January 2024. 2026 Entry Scholarships will open for applications in late 2024.

Duration for the above scholarships is for the entirety of the student's secondary schooling.


  • Must be an Australian citizen, permanent Australian resident or temporary resident.
  • Currently at MLC or attending another school.
  • Completion and submission of the Dramatic Arts Scholarship Form
  • Must register for the ACER Scholarship (academic) test as well as submit an MLC Scholarship Application.
  • Proof of performing at a state or national standard in the Performing Arts.
  • Proof of contribution/s to the broader community.


A percentage of the annual tuition fees and technology levy. This includes computer, technology support and peripherals.

Documentation to be uploaded with the Scholarship Application

  • Results of the most recent School Report.
  • Results of the most recent NAPLAN test.
  • Evaluation of a 200-word statement on why the candidate is applying for this scholarship; this should be written by the student, demonstrating her accomplishments, talents, any leadership experience and her reasons for wanting to attend MLC.
  • Documents to support the achievements of the scholarship applicant.
  • A passport-sized photo.
  • A completed Dramatic Arts Scholarship Form.


Scholarship holders are expected to complete their secondary education at MLC. Please refer to the MLC Scholarship Terms & Conditions.

Application Process

Apply via our Scholarships form

Apply for an MLC Scholarship via our online form. Please note, 2025 Entry Scholarships are now closed. 2026 Entry Scholarships will open for applications in late 2024.

Register for the ACER Scholarships Test

Applicants must also register for the ACER Scholarships Test. The ACER test cost is $135 and can be registered via their website.

Hear from MLC Admissions

MLC Admissions will be in contact one week prior to the ACER Test regarding instructions for the test morning.

Sit the ACER Scholarship Test

This session is held at MLC and will last the full morning.

Invitation to Interview

Short-listed candidates will be contacted by email with an invitation to an interview.

Unsuccessful candidates will also be advised, with ACER results released by ACER.