Old Collegians’ Club

Old Collegians’ Club

Old Collegians' Club History

The Old Collegians’ Club was established in 1904.

During the first meeting, which was attended by over 200 former students, the goals and objectives of the club were established. These continue today and include: to preserve old college ties and friendships, to provide social opportunities amongst each other, and to maintain sentiments of loyalty and affection towards the College.

OCC President’s Message 

The Old Collegian community is an incredible network of over 25,000 alumnae across Australia and the world. Our MLC graduates are vibrant, diverse and engaged. As your Council, we are responsible for providing fora in which Old Collegians can learn and connect – where everyone is welcome and supported. I am incredibly proud to take on the role of Old Collegians’ Club President and build on the incredible work of those before me. 

We are living in an extraordinary time. Social, environmental, and political change will remain a constant. As Old Collegians we have the opportunity and responsibility to use our education and connection to advance the wellbeing of people and the planet for current and future generations. Many of our Old Collegians are doing amazing work and continue to have a positive impact on society. The Old Collegians Club is committed to supporting their projects and passions. Each year we celebrate these Women at our OCC Celebration Event, Young Alumnae Event and throughout the year on our social media; Instagram and Facebook. 

We know that when women succeed, their families and communities benefit and often thrive. Over the past few years' times, we have seen an evolution in the concept of gender thanks to the advocacy of the non-binary and queer communities, women and allies. Their work has helped us to confront restrictive gender assumptions and ideas of what we can and can’t do. Each year we celebrate this important work at our International Women’s Day Event, while our Val Kerr Fellowship provides meaningful support to Old Collegians planning to undertake a not-for-profit venture that promotes the empowerment of women. 

Our community is important and is strengthened by our connection to each other. The Council warmly invites you to continue your connection no matter where in the world you reside. 

Warm regards, 

Alex Waddell (2010) 

OCC Council

The OCC is led by generous volunteers and the support of MLC. The Council comprises Old Collegians from across the generations who work together to implement the OCC events and programs to connect Old Collegians with each other, the College and their communities.

2023 Executive Council Members:

  • Alex Waddell (2010) – President
  • Alexandra O'Keefe (1999) – Vice President
  • Anne Turner (1988) – Immediate Past President
  • Bridget Ward (1991) – Treasurer
  • Sarah Mote (2007) – Secretary

Applications close Sunday, 25 February 2024.

The MLC Old Collegians' Club is currently looking for new members of the OCC Council, which is an active volunteer group. Members contribute a diverse range of skills and experiences and represent a broad cross-section of alumna years.

Our Committee members oversee events and programs and work closely with, and are supported by, the MLC Alumnae Engagement Manager.

Council meetings are held bi-monthly online, and we welcome new Committee members from Melbourne and beyond.

Application is a two-step process:

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest. Our President, will make contact and discuss what it means to be on the OCC, giving you the opportunity to find out more before submitting an application.

  2. Application/Nomination. This is the formal stage of the process, and the OCC Executive will assess each application against the needs of the OCC. Note applications must be received by 25 February 2024.

We encourage all Old Collegians to find out more by submitting an Expression of Interest.

OCC Ordinary Council Member Expressions of Interest Form

OCC Council Application Form

Please find a copy of the OCC Constitution here.

OCC Events

The Old Collegians’ Club host several events per-year that bring together alumnae from across our community. Please check the events calendar to see this year's events.

OCC Programs 

The OCC run two empowering programs - one that provides financial support to an Old Collegians’ not-for-profit endeavour whilst the other connects recent school leavers and early career Old Collegians to those more experienced.

Val Kerr Fellowship Grant

Our Val Kerr Fellowship Grant Program supports Old Collegians who are planning to undertake a not-for-profit venture that aligns with OCC values and promotes the empowerment of women, female leadership, education or social entrepreneurship. 
The program includes financial support to assist the recipients in their endeavours. Examples of suitable ventures that may benefit from the Fellowship Grant include undertaking a research project, developing a business case for a social enterprise, providing outreach activities or adapting an existing program offering/approach.

Financial support is provided up to $10,000 for a not-for-profit venture.

About Val Kerr:

Val Kerr (1937) was a much-loved and respected member of the MLC community. Val had an impressive 84-year connection with MLC, attending as a student from 1932 to 1937. She later returned to the College as a teacher, Chief of Staff, Deputy Vice Principal and Acting Vice Principal before retiring in 1983.  Val was a devoted member of the Old Collegians’ Club and served as President in 1960.  Val was named patron of the Club in 2001 where she continued her dedication to the College until her passing in 2016.
Naming the grant program after Val is in recognition of her contribution to the College community and in particular to the Old Collegians’ Club over many years.

Key Dates

February - June: Applications Open
July: Selection Process
August: Outcomes Notified

Please ensure you read the information below:

Applicant Information

Application Form


Steph Cousins (2000): Empowering refugee women to find safer futures through international employment.


Nicole Bishop (Butcher 1996): Evaluation of the effectiveness of a not-for-profit training program aimed at improving the lives of widows in Northern India.

N'Deane Helajzen (1994): Marking 25 Years since the Srebrenica Genocide: To see, to know, to remember – An online exhibition to combat Historical Revision and Genocide Denial.

Alana Schetzer (2000): 'Get Lippy', a social enterprise selling limited edition lipsticks to raise awareness and funds for organisations that work to prevent violence against women.


Sarah Cavenagh (Brook 2007): Quilts of Love, with quilters donating quilts to show care and support for those caught in a natural disaster.

Jocelyn McCallum (Houghton 1965): The Supporting Women to Create a Positive Future, assisting 16 vulnerable women to be job ready and gain employment.

Alexandra Murphy (2005): SMART-BREAST, helping in the development of a smartphone-based app for cardiovascular risk reduction in breast cancer patients.


Mil Truscott (1990): attended the "Rethink Addiction Convention in Canberra" to assist with her role as a AOD counselor with a Women's Recovery Group. 


Kate Gore (1991): is conducting research groups to further understand the mental health needs of autistic working mothers.

OCC Mentor Program 2024

The Mentor Program provides a structured pathway for MLC alumnae to support, encourage and inspire each other - both personally and professionally, as they move through different ages and stages in life. The program places a strong emphasis on encouraging relationships across different groups, alumna years and demographics of the MLC alumnae community.  

It achieves this through two in-person networking events every year, as well as providing younger Old Collegians the opportunity to develop a one-on-one working relationship with a more accomplished MLC alumna.  

The program hopes that participants will also develop a stronger sense of camaraderie and connectedness with the MLC alumnae community, while contributing to a broader goal of women supporting women.  

 “The importance of women supporting each other cannot be overstated. The bonds 
we developed as students go beyond mere friendship; they formed the foundation 
for a supportive, empowering and nurturing community.”
Principal Julia Shea 

Participants may come from a wide range of professional backgrounds - for example academia, design, education, health, law, science and more.   

  • Mentees may have recently graduated from their tertiary studies, working in their chosen field or may have started their own business. 
  • Mentors are further along in their career, having gained work and life experience, as well as having built up their skills, confidence and accomplishments along the way.  

All MLC alumnae are invited to apply via an online Application FormApplication Forms must be submitted by Sunday 14 April.  

The program will consist of two in-person networking events at the College that bookend the program - the first networking event will be held on the evening of Wednesday 17 April, and the second networking event to be held in conjunction with the OCC Celebration Event on the evening of Thursday 12 September.    

Between these dates, mentees are encouraged to arrange a minimum of four additional one-on-one meetings with their mentor on days and times that suit both parties. Meetings may take place in person or remotely. 

All mentors and mentees are required to complete an online Application Form.  

They will then be invited to attend an in-person “Meet Your Match” networking event on Wednesday 17 April to mingle with potential matches.  

At the end of the evening, mentees and mentors will submit a Preferences Form and suggest some people they might like to be matched with.  

Application Forms and Preferences Forms will then be reviewed by our Program Coordinator to identify suitable pairs based on their goals, experience, and preferences.  

Note: It is not always possible for us to provide all applicants with a suitable mentor/mentee. Applicants who are not successfully matched in this year’s program will be invited to participate again in future years. 

If you are interested in participating in the MLC OCC Mentoring Program, please complete the application form below.

Application Form

Applications close on Sunday 14 April.

OCC Patron

OCC Patrons hold a special position within the MLC community, acting as ambassadors for the College and its alumnae, wherever in the world they are located. 

We acknowledge and pay tribute to former OCC Patrons who have passed away: Joan Forster (1934), Val Kerr (1937) and Fran Keller (Woolhouse 1948). 

In 2018, MLC’s Old Collegians Club was delighted to appoint Anne Scott OAM (Simpson 1957) as its Patron. 

Anne Scott OAM (Simpson 1957) attended MLC from the age of six until she completed her Leaving Certificate. Her daughter and granddaughter are also Old Collegians. Anne served on the OCC Council for almost 20 years, including as its President from 2009 – 2010. 

Anne says her long history of community contribution – beyond MLC she has made an enormous impact on the Girl Guides Association/Guides Australia, International Guiding, The Order of Australia Association and Rotary International – reflects the life lessons taught at MLC and Dr Wood’s famous reminder that “from those to whom much is given, much will be required.”