Policies and Guidelines

Policies and Guidelines

Our commitment to the community

At the heart of all MLC policies and guidelines is a commitment to a safe and supportive environment that encourages all College community members to thrive. Here you will find a list of key policies that you can review.

Child safety

MLC is committed to providing a child-safe and child-friendly environment, where children and young people are safe and feel safe to actively participate in decisions that affect their lives. At MLC, we have a zero-tolerance for child abuse and are committed to acting in children's best interests and keeping them safe from harm. The College regards its child safety responsibilities with the utmost importance and is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child safety laws and regulations and maintain a child safe culture.

We have developed a comprehensive approach to protecting children from abuse. This includes our Child Safe Policy and Child Safe Code of Conduct, which provides a high-level statement of professional boundaries, ethical behaviour, and acceptable and unacceptable relationships. We also have detailed procedures for any community member to report concerns about child safety and how MLC will respond to these reports.

Our Policy and Code of Conduct are made available to all staff, students, families, volunteers, contractors, suppliers and the wider community.

Child Safe and Wellbeing Policy

Child Safe Code of Conduct

Staff and Student Professional Boundaries

Child Protection Incident Report form

Procedures for Responding and Reporting

Sun Smart Policy

Concerns and privacy

A trusting and cooperative relationship between families, College, staff, and the community is best for students. Therefore, we treat all concerns and your private information seriously

Complaints, Grievances and Appeals Policy

Privacy Policy

Whistleblower Policy


The purpose of these policies is to provide clear principles and requirements for prospective students seeking to enrol at the College from Kindle to Year 12.

Terms & Conditions of Enrolment

Parent Code of Conduct

Complaints, Grievance and Appeals Policy

Complaints Form

Enrolment Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Schedule of Fees & Charges (2024)

Sample Enrolment Agreement

Sample Boarding Acceptance Agreement


At MLC we welcome students from many different cultures, religions and backgrounds. Our values support and celebrate diversity and the global perspectives that each student brings to our community. We enjoy a reputation for being one of Australia's most successful schools and regularly attract students from Asia, the Pacific Islands, North and South America and Europe. MLC has several policies to ensure International Students time at MLC is safe and secure, and they reach their potential.

International Student Additional Terms & Conditions of Enrolment

International Student Schedule of Fees & Charges (2024)

Homestay Policy

International Student Local Support Person Policy And Procedure

Sample International Student Enrolment Agreement


Terms and Conditions

MLC is registered with CRICOS (CRICOS 00325A) and is approved to provide education or training courses to overseas students in Victoria.

Workforce Composition 

At MLC, we value the diversity of knowledge, thought, and experience. We believe a welcoming and inclusive culture is important for learning and teaching and facilitates a positive staff, student, and alumnae experience. Not only is it vital to our success that we have a workforce as diverse as our students, families, and the broader community, but focusing on diversity and inclusion supports our purpose to inspire our students to be citizens the world needs.

Commencing in February 2024, under revised legislation, all private companies in Australia with 100 or more employees will have their gender pay gap published. Methodist Ladies’ Collage (MLC) welcomes and supports these changes to create accountability and faster change across all industries in addressing gender pay gap issues within Australia.

We take seriously our commitment to making MLC a diverse and inclusive workplace. Although our workplace exhibits a positive representation of females, we remain committed to progressing in this space and following best practices.

To find out more, please read our Gender Pay Gap Employer Statement here.