MLC Archives

MLC Archives

The preservation of MLC's history

In July 1960, the College Council requested the formation of an Archives Committee to ensure that the College’s history and memories were preserved for future generations.  The task was taken up by the Old Collegians’ Club with Edna Cornell (Pryor 1924) as Convener.

Through the efforts of this Archives Committee and later, the staff who have held the position of College Archivist, the MLC Archives are a comprehensive and vitally important resource for the College. The ongoing role of the College Archivist aims to continue the collection, preservation and promotion of items relating to MLC’s history in order to safeguard the integrity and significance of the collections, which document the progress of MLC and women’s education in Australia.

To mark this momentous occasion, the College Archivist put together a history exhibition that showcases some of the key events that have occurred over the last 140 years. The exhibition was on display in the Common Ground corridor and enjoyed by staff and students from Founders’ Day until the end of March 2022. A 3D scan has been made so that the exhibition can be shared with the wider MLC Community.

Discover our 140th Anniversary Exhibition

Before exploring the virtual exhibition below, please read the following tips to get the most out of the experience:

  • The virtual exhibition is best viewed on a computer with a mouse, as it requires a lot of clicking and scrolling.
  • Click and use the white circles on the floor to position yourself in front of a wall. Once the wall is in the centre of your screen, use your mouse to scroll in and out to zoom in and out of the photos.
  • Hover over or click the green dots off each photo to view the relevant text or caption. The text has been taken from the exhibition labels, so you don’t miss any information.

View the Exhibition here

MLC is pleased to have recently published ‘All things are Possible: 140 Years of MLC’. This book celebrates the rich history of events that have occurred at MLC from its foundation in 1882 until today. The spirited nature of our students, staff, and community are cause for celebration and reflection as we enjoy the decades of MLC's history.

Cost: $25.00 (inc. postage and handling)

Purchase All Things Are Possible

The MLC Archives are always delighted to receive offers of donations. The Archive Collections hold extensive records in the following area:

  • Student and staff records
  • Administrative and business records
  • School magazines and student publications
  • Student work and textbooks
  • Curriculum information
  • Maps, building plans and information
  • Photographs and audio-visual recordings
  • Uniforms and badges
  • Trophies and,
  • Other artefacts and memorabilia

When considering donating to the MLC Archives, please note that our main objective is to acquire, catalogue and preserve items that contribute to the history of MLC.  As our collections continue to grow and storage facilities near capacity, we are unable to accept donations of the following:

  • Silver and Green Magazines.
  • The Star Magazines.
  • The Old Collegian Magazines or Newsletters.
  • Purchased teacups, saucers, or other tableware.
  • Prize books.

Please note that once items have been donated to the MLC Archives, they become the property of the College and will be subject to College policies and procedures. Items may be used in various ways, including historic displays, content for publications, and content for social media platforms.

Donations can be posted to our Kew Campus or dropped off at Hamley Reception.  Please email should you have any questions or queries.

The Silver and Green is a student run publication and an important memento for many Old Collegians. It is also a great resource for family historians and researchers wishing to know more about MLC. Issues from 1921-1969 are publicly available via the College’s Issuu page below. For editions outside this period, including The Bluebell (previous student magazine from 1885-1920), please contact the MLC Archives.

Read historical issues of Silver and Green

Archival Research and Information Requests

MLC’s archive collection preserves the unique story of our 140 year history and the contributions of our founders, past principals, and past students. The collection contains images, written documentation, and a significant repository of historical items, important to our heritage. MLC is no stranger to world events, having carried on its mission throughout two World Wars, the Spanish Influenza Pandemic, the Swinging Sixties, the Cold War, and many other periods of note that will be of interest to journalists, social historians, history students and the general community. MLC’s Archive preserves College memories for current, past, and future generations.

The MLC Archives are happy to assist with various requests including:

  • Family history research
  • General history research
  • Education verification letters

If you’d like assistance with any of these areas, please complete the form below. 

MLC Archives Research and Information Requests

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