Learning and Wellbeing

Learning and Wellbeing

An integrated approach

MLC offers a positive and supportive approach to learning and wellbeing that is dedicated to every student’s journey, with one of the broadest and most balanced curricula in Australia.

Learning and wellbeing at MLC are fully integrated, rather than being treated separately or in isolation. This means equally prioritising and focusing on students' wellbeing and learning in a holistic, interconnected, embedded way. 

Within each subject, our students are supported by contemporary and evidence-based teaching practices, individualised learning and wellbeing support, and continuous assessment and reporting, so they, and their families, are involved and informed about their progress and the opportunities available to them throughout the College.

As can be seen below, both Learning and Wellbeing have underlying principles that shape how, what and when they are cohesively delivered, and all evidenced-based.

Our Curriculum for Learning and Wellbeing

MLC’s Curriculum for Learning and Wellbeing is more than just subjects; it defines the totality of a student's learning experience. This is why, at MLC, we ensure that our students not only have access to an incredible range of subject choices, but are also well-positioned to create pathways that align with their interests, knowledge, and talents whilst having more opportunities to participate in ‘real world’ learning and be immersed in new and engaging classroom experiences.

Key features of our Years 7-12 curriculum include:

  • A timetable that enhances learning and wellbeing
    A timetable that fully integrates learning and wellbeing that fosters balanced and broad learning and wellbeing outcomes. Frequent subject delivery allows reinforcement of what was learnt through previous lessons, and a higher frequency of teacher/student contact.
  • Unmatched breadth
    An exceptional breadth of subject choice enables students to participate in and continue to build their knowledge in learning areas aligned to their interests, talents and individual aspirations, so the road to success is that more enjoyable.
  • Clear pathways
    A focus on the learning progression of our students, by carefully sequencing our subject pathways so that knowledge builds on what was taught earlier and feeds into what the students will be taught in the future, so they don't see units as disconnected. In Years 7-9, students experience the breadth of our subject offering, resulting in more informed choices for Years 10-12 and are better prepared to accelerate in senior years.
  • Strong relationships
    Enabling strong relationships with a focus on consistency of contact and support. We believe that respectful, trusting and caring relationships between teachers and students create the ideal conditions for learning. Within our timetable we have group wellbeing sessions, fortnightly personalised one-on-one check-ins and regular, frequent contact with subject teachers each cycle. Our teachers are well-placed to identify emerging concerns leading to earlier intervention and better outcomes for students, where needed.


In Junior School (Prep-Year 6), the approach to teaching and learning is underpinned by an integrated curriculum that stimulates creativity and critical thinking, whilst building a sound foundation in literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills. Students grow their curiosity and confidence, ready to embrace the breadth of opportunity that awaits them in secondary school.

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Sending our daughter to MLC was a no-brainer. We liked the school’s unparalleled choice of subjects and co-curricular activities. Beginning in MLC Kindle, we have had so many warm lovely teachers. Overall, I have seen my daughter’s confidence grow through her experiences.
Kate, Year 7 parent