May 07, 2020
Code is fast becoming a must-have skill for future careers; from graphic designers, to web developers, data scientists, product designers, or anything and everything digital. So, no matter what career you're considering, code is a great place to start. We've gathered a list of some of the best coding resources for students, from games to online tutorials and lessons.

Start with an Hour of Code

Suitable for: Beginners of All Ages

If you don’t want to do a deep dive on coding, or just want to see what it’s all about, try’s Hour of Code activities. Their tutorials feel more like a game than a computer science lesson. With these Hour of Code activities, you can make a sloths and cats dance to your favourite tunes, or create your own Star Wars game. These activities are some of the best coding resources for beginners, with activities available for all ages from Prep to 12.

Kids Can Learn Code with Blockly

Suitable for: Prep to Junior School Students and absolute beginners

Blockly is one of the best coding resources for kids because it turns programming into an easy-to-understand visual reference that develops skills in the building blocks of more complex coding languages. Blockly Maze is a great place to start in order to understand the basics of Blockly coding. Once that’s mastered, you can move on to Blockly Games which has a wider variety of activities using these same coding principles.

Learn to Code with Codecademy

Suitable for: Junior Secondary Students to Senior School Students of all skill levels

If you’ve decided that learning to code will be a valuable career skill for you, then it’s important to choose your coding program carefully. Codecademy not only provides no-cost subscriptions for personal use, but also has a handy code quiz that helps you narrow down your programming language, whether you’re after web development, data science or computer science skills.

Get a Remote Lesson in Coding from the SkillShare Experts

Suitable for: Middle School to Senior School Students with beginner’s knowledge

One of the most difficult aspects of learning to code online is missing out on having a teacher there to answer all your burning questions. Although you can’t receive real-time help from SkillShare’s free video courses, it does provide a human element to the learning process, explaining the ins and outs of coding with common questions answered along the way. With SkillShare’s video tutorials, you can learn to code a website from scratch or discover the basics of app development, just to name a few.

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