Our Exciting Vision: New Physical Education and Sport Precinct

Our Exciting Vision: New Physical Education and Sport Precinct

February 4th, 2024

Over the last five years, MLC has strategically focused on integrating wellbeing with learning, recognising its fundamental role in improved learning outcomes.

As part of further enhancing the MLC educational experience, we are delighted to share our vision for a new Physical Education and Sport Precinct.

Research consistently highlights the positive impact of regular physical activity on academic achievement and the overall wellbeing of young people.

Investing in keeping girls active is crucial, not only for promoting better health outcomes but also for contributing to their overall happiness, self-esteem, and body confidence, fostering positive lifelong benefits into adulthood. This is particularly important in the context of the disparity in young women's and men's participation in physical activities and sports and the growing mental health challenges that girls and young women are facing in society.

The envisioned Precinct goes beyond competitive sports; it prioritises girls' overall physical and mental wellbeing. It aims to facilitate increased physical activity and participation for ALL students, whether through pursuing specific sports, focusing on fitness and health, or engaging in Physical Education classes.

Key components of the project include an aquatic centre with a 50-meter pool, an indoor sports centre, outdoor flexible space including an athletics hub and an underground car park.

The Precinct’s facilities will also be available to the wider community, including local schools.

This is currently only at the planning approval submission stage. While we have the ambition and vision for the Precinct, many steps lie ahead before details and plans can be confirmed.

As we progress to make this vision a reality, we are committed to keeping the community informed and involved.