Congratulations VCE Class of 2023!

Congratulations VCE Class of 2023!

December 11th, 2023

Congratulations to MLC’s VCE Class of 2023! We take immense pride in celebrating this remarkable cohort for their leadership, perseverance towards achieving their individual goals, and taking responsibility for exploring all that is on offer. 

Key results include: 

  • One student achieved a top ATAR of 99.95
  • Nine students achieved an ATAR of 99 or above, in the top 1% of the state
  • There were 11 perfect study scores of 50 across eight subjects - including Chemistry, Biology, English, French, General Mathematics, Product Design and Technology, Psychology and Visual Communication Design. 

Special congratulations to our VCE Dux Sienna Wang, who achieved a top ATAR of 99.95, and our Dux Secundus Danni Xu, who achieved an ATAR of 99.90. 

We look forward to a more complete view of our Year 12 students’ achievements when the remaining 20% of the year level who studied the IB Diploma, learn of their results in early January. 

Of course, the most visible results today are the ATARs, but it’s just as important to celebrate personal bests and individual growth. Today is a celebration of their leadership, perseverance towards achieving goals, and dedication to embracing the myriad of opportunities at MLC, which is also displayed by the diversity of the subjects mentioned above with perfect scores. 

Principal Julia Shea says, “Pursuing one’s interests and seeing individual success are fundamentally linked. It is why we place such an emphasis on supporting our students to discover what excites, challenges and motivates them so that they feel empowered to achieve their best. 

“It has been an incredible privilege to witness our Year 12 students' individual growth in self-confidence, expansion of their knowledge, and finding strength in the support that surrounds them.”

MLC Dux, Sienna Wang, embraced the support offered by her teachers and peers to actively participate in a range of co-curricular activities, making her final year at the College a memorable one. 

"My advice to everyone coming into their Senior School is to get as involved as possible. Do all of the House activities; House Spirit is something you will remember in years to come! Make the most out of Year 12 because it's such a good experience."

Fellow student Anna Katsoulis agrees that "making the most out of Year 12 and all the opportunities" is what navigating your final year is all about. 

"Overall, Senior School is a really fun experience. All the knowledge that you gain from Year 11 and 12 is something you keep and the memories from the classes are always lovely, and the friendships that are made through common interests as well," she adds. 

From left: Anna Katsoulis, Phoebe Biggin, Dux Sienna Wang, Jessica Lim and Charlie Millard.

Celebrating Diverse Achievements 

At MLC, the spotlight extends beyond academic achievements, emphasising a commitment to offering broad learning and co-curricular activities where students can find their passion and develop their talents. Whether through involvement in music ensembles, productions, sport, student clubs, action groups or meaningful community service projects, MLC students are encouraged to explore their interests.  

Year 12 students immersed themselves in an impressive 66 VCE and VET subjects, leading 32 student clubs, 14 different music ensembles, 30 sports and 199 leadership positions this year.  

The Future 

Looking forward, Ms Shea offers a crucial reminder to Year 12 students that an ATAR doesn’t dictate their future. She emphasises, “While we congratulate each and every student for their achievements, it’s equally important to remind them that their worth extends far beyond an ATAR. There are numerous pathways to achieving their dreams, and we are here to support them every step of the way.  

The ATAR is simply one way of being accepted into your desired tertiary course and certainly not the only way. It’s essential that students know there is no one way to get to where you want to be. Some MLC students have gained early university offers without an ATAR, some plan to gain real-world experience through gap years, and others have a Plan B & C – everyone is on their own journey. 

“We don’t want students to graduate with just an ATAR; we want them empowered to be confident and resilient global citizens with the skills, knowledge and attitude to thrive in an ever-changing world.”