July 16, 2020

Learning during COVID 19


During the time of COVID 19, MLC has been fortunate to be well-placed to make the  transition to online learning, via our Continuous Learning and Wellbeing program.

As all of our students from Prep to Year 12 have their own electronic devices (iPads for Preps - Year 2, notebook computers for Years 3 - 12), it has meant that our students adapted to online learning easily.

Of course, there were many adjustments made to the delivery of curriculum, and our teaching staff have truly gone above and beyond to ensure high quality of lessons.

Some of the changes include:

  • Our Banksia Outdoor Education program for Years 5-8 moved online, no mean feat! The online program included many virtual elements: packing lists, astronomy, cooking, mindfulness, canoeing and even 'expo at home'!
  • Our PE and Sport Department have designed several ways for students to not only continue their regular PE classes, but stay healthy and active. This includes 'Active Afternoons' for Junior School, an online fitness club, online Cross Country, and an incredible sixteen programs of the regular Term 2 sports, all with bespoke online coaching.
  • Our Home Economics Department have continued many ways of teaching new recipes, from designing your own mocktail to eggs benedict!


From the Principal:

As written by Diana Vernon, 16 July 2020

In line with advice from the Victorian Government, MLC students from Prep to Year 9 will be following our online Continuous Learning and Wellbeing program. Whilst this had been foreshadowed due to the unfortunate increase in COVID cases in the state, I know that it doesn’t make it any less of a disappointment for us all.

Along with the rest of Victoria, our Year 11 and 12 VCE and IB students will commence with face to face learning and teaching during Term 3.  The majority of MLC Year 10 students study a VCE course in joint classes with Year 11 students. Consequently all Year 10 students and will also be commencing the term with face to face learning. Our Boarding House will also be open for Year 10 - 12 Boarders. 

Whilst a return to off-campus learning for so many will be challenging, we have already been successful in our delivery and I know that we will be successful again. Last term, through our regular feedback cycles with students, staff and parents, we were able to finesse and adjust our program as required. 

We are all working together with the same aims:  to provide a first class learning and wellbeing experience for our students, to support our MLC community members as best we can through these demanding times and to support our wider community by reinforcing adherence to the Stage 3 restrictions. 

We recognise that studying, working and living during these times poses additional challenges for many of us. We are here to support our students and members of our MLC Community as best we can.  Maintaining connections with friends and family and engaging with activities you enjoy or learning new skills are all valuable ways to focus on the longer term and keep positive. Please see our Stars’ Home Hub for resources and activities to participate in! 

I am privileged to lead a community who are dedicated to supporting our student’s learning with commitment and flexibility. The strength of our Community has played a significant role in carrying us successfully this far and it will continue to carry us through positively as we live, learn and work during these unusual times. 

Diana Vernon

Principal's Update 29/5

In response to the easing of restrictions across Victoria and guidance regarding schools, we were delighted to commence our phased return to face to face learning and teaching at our Kew campus. Amidst great excitement, on Tuesday, 26 May, our Prep – Year 2 students and Year 10 – 12 students returned on site.

We also welcomed students in Years 10 – 12 back to the boarding house.

We look forward to our Years 3 – 9 students returning on site for trial days, during the week of 1 June.

During this time, all our decision making has been based around the following key principles:

  • Protecting the health and safety of students, staff, parents and the wider community
  • The learning needs, learning provision and resultant quality learning outcomes for students
  • Staff and student wellbeing – providing continuity, routine and facilitating social connection
  • Alignment with the Victorian Government guidelines.
Alongside welcoming our students and staff back on-site, we have introduced important protocols to ensure that we maintain a safe environment for everyone.

Our measures include:
  • Enhanced cleaning across the site
  • Extra time between classes for sanitising and cleaning purposes
  • Reinforcement of expected hygiene practices
  • Requirement of individual health checks every morning
  • A commitment to physical distancing.
  • One-way pedestrian flow through the campus, where appropriate

The College’s overarching principle in the development of its return to school plan has been to follow the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) guidelines. 

Our continuous learning and wellbeing program will continue throughout the remainder of Term 2 to support the transition back to onsite teaching.

I am incredibly proud of all our students and am most grateful to my colleagues for the way in which they transitioned to working from home, adapted their practices accordingly and are now returning on-site in line with our phased return.
Diana Vernon

Principal's Update 16/4

As we have all commented, we are living in extraordinary times.  Indeed, we are pioneering a whole new way of working, living and, of course, schooling.  

In support of the Victorian Government’s response to COVID 19, encouraging everyone to stay at home, where possible, MLC trialled a week of off-site delivery of our Continuous Learning and Wellbeing program to all students in the final week of Term 1.  Our primary focus was, and is, in maintaining continuity of learning and wellbeing for our students and in providing a safe and supportive environment for our staff and students in which to enable this.  

This trial was very well received by students, parents and colleagues alike. We also received some very helpful feedback that has since guided us in making useful adjustments to improve our delivery during Term 2.  

Through our Continuous Learning and Wellbeing program, our aim is to deliver a program that provides the routines and structures of school life, that is based on good learning practices and that focuses on ensuring a sense of connection and community.  

Following the Easter Break, our teaching staff completed two Staff Learning days, with everyone off-site. These allowed colleagues to hone their skills.  This time also provided additional opportunities for collaboration to ensure the best learning and wellbeing program and outcomes for our students.  

We are all excited about the term ahead, buoyed by the success of our trial week and our subsequent improvements to our program.   

From a community perspective, we have also enjoyed seeing photos of our students learning alongside their pets as well as examples of our teachers’ creativity and hearing how members of our Parents’ Association are providing support to those in the community who need assistance.  It is evident we have a very caring and connected community with relationships at the heart of everything we do. 

Most importantly, I would like to thank each member of our community for their patience, support, commitment, suggestions and, ultimately, care for each other during these challenging times. 

Diana Vernon 

MLC Star

Stars' Home Hub

Be sure to explore our Stars' Home Hub, designed to provide helpful how-to guides and fun activities for students and MLC families to participate in during the self-isolation period and beyond!

Our Facebook and Instagram accounts also have many examples of how our community is embracing our new way of learning, fantastic MLC spirit, and  even some tips and tricks!

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