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The Angela Sharman Memorial Music Scholarship


This scholarship honours the life of Angela Sharman (OC 1985), a lively student and a talented violinist who loved the broad music offering that MLC provided. After finishing Year 12, Angela enthusiastically continued with her violin studies at the College of the Arts, until her untimely death in 1986. Angela’s family established this Scholarship in her memory to enable musically talented students to come to MLC and further develop their musical abilities and potential. It is a means-tested scholarship. 

MLC is committed to providing a wide range of opportunities across all areas of the curriculum. As part of this commitment, the College offers a wide range of Academic and Music Scholarships for students with special abilities. All scholarships are awarded on the basis of the results of external testing, internal audition for eligible candidates, previous school reports and an interview.


Year 7 Applicants

  • At the time of application, students entering Year 7 should have passed the examination for Grade 6 AMEB standard or higher for piano or violin, and Grade 5 AMEB standard or higher for other instruments. Voice students should already be performing at an equivalent Grade 3 AMEB standard or higher

Year 9 and 10 Applicants

  • At the time of application, students entering Year 9 and Year 10 should have already passed the examination for Grade 7 AMEB standard or higher for piano or violin, and Grade 6 AMEB standard or higher for other instruments. Voice students should already be performing at an equivalent Grade 5 AMEB standard or higher. 

Year 11 Applicants

  • At the time of application, students entering Year 11 should have already passed the examination for Grade 8 AMEB standard or higher for piano or violin, and Grade 7 AMEB standard or higher for other instruments. Voice students should already be performing at an equivalent Grade 6 AMEB standard or higher.

Year of Entry:

  • Year 7 (Scholarship tenable for 6 years) 
  • Year 9 (Scholarship tenable for 4 years)
  • Year 10 (Scholarship tenable for 3 years) 
  • Year 11 (Scholarship tenable for 2 years)


  • Australian citizens, permanent Australian residents, or temporary residents
  • ​Currently at MLC or attending another school
  • Students must be registered with ACER Scholarships as well as submit an MLC Scholarship Application 
  • ​A talented musician; applicants must have passed the AMEB grade required (as appears above), or be at the equivalent standard for which a statutory declaration must be submitted

Documentation to be uploaded with Scholarship Application:

  • Results of the most recent School Report
  • Evaluation of a 200-word statement on why the candidate is applying for this scholarship; this should be written by the student, demonstrating her accomplishments, talents, any leadership experience and her reasons for wanting to attend MLC
  • Copy of AMEB examination report and certificate (If AMEB not available proof of equivalent standard is required)
  • A passport sized photo

The applicant will then have:

  • Results of the ACER Scholarship Test
  • Evaluation of Audition
  • Evaluation through Interview. Candidates short-listed for an interview will be contacted by email


  • Candidates are required to perform two contrasting works. One work must be accompanied by piano, with the accompanist organised by the candidate.
  • Technical work, aural tests and sight reading may also be included at the discretion of the Director of Music


  • A percentage of the annual tuition fees and technology levy, this includes computer, technology support and peripherals
  • Full music tuition for the primary instrument by an MLC music instructor.


  • The student must be involved in at least 2 of the 3 ensembles listed below and the required rehearsals and performances associated with these ensembles: 
    1. Concert Orchestra
    2. String Orchestra
    3. Symphonic Band
  • Participate in all major musical performances and or events on the College calendar
  • Scholarship holders are expected to complete their secondary education at MLC
  • Refer to the MLC Scholarship Terms & Conditions.

Verification of candidate's performance standards required:

  • Copy of AMEB examination results (or equivalent)
  • Copy of Examiner's comments
  • Copy of instructors AMEB Certificate of Certification 
Application Steps
Step 1: Apply for an MLC Scholarship by clicking on the Apply for Scholarship link at the bottom of this page. Please complete the Scholarship Application and click submit. 

Step 2: Register for the MLC ACER Scholarship Test with ACER Scholarships, the cost will be $115.00 

Step 3: (The Angela Sharman Memorial Music Scholarship ONLY) Complete the MLC Scholarship - Financial Statement form attached to the notification email you will receive from the Admissions office when you have submitted your MLC application and return it to We require this form within 14 days of MLC scholarship application submission. 

Step 4: Attend an MLC Open Morning to get to know our wonderful College and what we have to offer your daughter 

Step 5: Attend the allocated Music Audition time with the Director of Music on either Thursday 25 or Friday 26 February 2021 

Step 6: Sit the ACER Scholarship Test on Saturday 27 February 2021 

Step 7: Short-listed candidates will be contacted by email in mid-March with an invitation to interview.  

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