Online Payment Options

Thank you for choosing to pay your invoice via the Online Credit Card Payment Gateway. 

Please note that a credit card surcharge applies to all credit card payments to recover the merchant fees charged to the College for the use of credit cards. 

The surcharge for Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners is 1.08%.

Please refer to our Full Terms and Conditions.

For current MLC parents 

To make a credit card payment for school fees, co-curricular/miscellaneous fees and the voluntary building fund you will be redirected to the Parent Lounge portal where you will be required to enter your username and password to login to make an online payment. 

Other payment options remain in place, including BPay and direct deposit.

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For non-MLC parents

(no-MLC students who are enrolled in MLC Gymnastics and MLC Swimming).

Please note:
1. We are aware of intermittent technical issues. If payments cannot be processed, please try again later.
2. To avoid the possibility of duplication, please check your email prior to re-submitting your payment. 

To make a credit card payment for your fees you will redirected to the Online Payments portal where you will be required to enter your customer code and invoice number to make an online payment. 

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Fee Schedules

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2023 Fees & Charges - International Students 


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