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The Art and Design Department at Methodist Ladies' College offers a wide choice of disciplines supported by a dynamic team of specialist teachers and support staff. The focus is on developing art and design works based around an understanding of visual literacy.


MLC's Art and Design Department is one of the largest in Australia and offers students a broad range of subject choices, including Fashion, Product Design and Technology, Ceramics and Sculpture, Cinema Studies and Mosaics. Excellent facilities that include 13 specialist studios and a purpose-built technology studio fitted with industry-standard software and 3D printers cater for a variety of programs.

We encourage all students to experiment with the creative process, which enhances learning and increases confidence. Students have the opportunity to showcase their work at exhibitions, fashion shows and the annual MLC Light Festival, as well as participate in gallery visits, life drawing classes and the biennial Art and Design tour to Italy in Years 11 & 12.

The Art and Design Department consistently produces high-achieving students who have achieved perfect study scores in the VCE subjects. Students' work is often exhibited annually in Top Arts, Top Designs and the IB Schools Visual Arts Exhibitions.
Years 7 - 10

Product Design and Technology (Wood Design)

Students use 3D printing, laser cutting and traditional wood working techniques to produce a working prototype of a LED desk lamp, learning about the properties of materials, how to create concept sketches and designs, and how to safely use hand and power tools.

Visual Arts
A range of techniques (drawing, painting, digital media, printmaking, ceramics) is explored to express ideas that focus on themes such as landscape and popular culture. Students learn to explore the meanings of artwork and express their visual impact.

Media Studies sees students creating their own media products, including short films and animation, utilising a range of technical equipment and learning techniques used by the media to entertain and influence audiences.


Art - Jewellery Design, Mosaic, Fabrics and Product Design: Homewares

Within this elective, students can learn different techniques that include producing Gaudi-esque mosaics and themed ceramics, as well as making jewellery and using laser cutters to add detail to their own handmade breakfast tray.

Media - Film and Television
Students develop practical and analytical skills by creating a range of media products and evaluating production styles and program formats; students can also opt for Cinema Studies, covering the history of cinema, famous directors, Hollywood's golden era and contemporary genres of film.

This course involves studying analogue and digital photography, developing Adobe Photoshop skills and extending students aesthetically, technically and conceptually. The work of photographic artists is also examined and critiqued.

Fashion and Textile Design allows for both technical and creative skills to be developed. Students learn about sewing, fabric printmaking and garment construction, as well as fashion trends and designers both past and contemporary.

Visual Communication Design
This elective looks at the design of things we use and interact with ever day, studying how designers communicate their ideas, information and messages. Students explore a variety of media and methods in order to develop visual communications as part of their assessment.

Ceramics and Scuplture
Students explore designing and creating 3 dimensional forms from a range of sculptural materials including clay; excursions to galleries and analysis of artists' work foster creativity and critical thinking.

Product Design
Students can choose to study Woodwork Design Technology, designing and creating a piece of furniture such as a chair, desk and bedside table. Construction techniques are covered and students learn how to use hand and power tools.
Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET)

VCE students experiment with new techniques, materials and art forms, presenting their own visual responses to art, inspired by ideas, concepts and observations. Students evaluate artowrk from difference cultures and periods, examining the ways in which art reflects and communicates values, beliefs and traditions, and using the Analytical Framework to analyse and interpret artwork. The role of art in society is also discussed, and students must present their opinions with the support of selected commentaries and artists' work.

Film, television, news, print and photography are all media forms that are explored in this unit, in which students develop an understanding of media conventions and narratives. Exploring the social and cultural contexts of the construction, production and reception of media narratives assists in the students designing a media product for a specific audience. Students also consider the issues concerning the nature of the media and its audiences and analyse the role of governments in regulating the media.

Product Design and Technology - Fashion or Furniture
This course sees students look at sustainable product redevelopment; work collaboratively to design and develop a group product that takes in factors such as function, aesthetics, material and sustainability; study how new emerging technologies influence the design and development of products; and make judgements about commercial product design and development and evaluate the quality of their own product.

Studio Arts - Fine Art or Photography
This course gives an understanding of the stages of studio practice, and students learn how to present artwork, visiting a variety of exhibitions during the course to inspire creative displays. Students also learn how to develop and refine their work, starting from exploring the initial sources of inspiration to experimenting wtih a range of materials and techniques. By keeping a visual diary to track their progress, they refine their development process and hone their skills in communicating the ideas present in their artwork.

Visual Communication Design
Students learn how to use visual language in order to communicate messages, ideas and concepts. They develop an understanding of the design process, exploring the stages of research, generation of ideas and development of concepts that create visual communications. The influence of social and cultural factors on visual communications is also examined.

VET Creative Digital Media
The program equips students with the skills that are needed to create digital Media presentations. Students develop design and layout skills to create dynamic and interactive digital media programs, and learn how to use software tools and the industry standard multimedia facilities within the College. A work placement in the Media industry broadens their learning.

International Baccalaureate (IB)
The IB Visual Arts course encourages students to challenge their own creativity and improve technically in their craftsmanship in order to communicate concepts and ideas. Artworks from different contexts are compared and discussed, and students are expected to become informed and critical observers of visual culture and media. Students build a portfolio of their artwork before selecting pieces, accompanied with exhibition text, for their final exhibition.
Please note: this list is to be used as a guide and subject offerings may vary per year. Please confirm with Admissions for specific subjects.

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