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During 2020, the Dr Wood Learning Centre (previously known as the Wood Building) went under extensive internal redevelopment, and will become the new ‘home’ for Year 9 from 2021.

This redevelopment goes hand-in-hand with a two-year research and redesign of the Year 9 curriculum.

As part of this research, Year 9 students were engaged for their insight as to how they feel they best learn, which has influenced the internal redesign of Wood. Through a series of workshops, students and teachers developed an Educational Rationale to ensure the clear interaction of learning design meeting architectural design.

Whilst this added to the timeline of design from an architectural perspective, it was an important component and ensured buy-in from both students and staff and to ensure the building is best set for future learning.


The redeveloped Dr Wood Learning Centre will include flexible, collaborative learning spaces, as well as spaces for presentations, smaller group work and informal learning.

The adjacent amphitheatre space will now seamlessly connect with the learning spaces within Wood. This will provide outdoor learning spaces as well as recreational spaces and productive garden spaces.

Strong links to Marshmead have been made in regards to colour palette, and even similar totems in the amphitheatre.


There is still some landscaping work over the course of Term 1, 2021. During this time, there is restricted pedestrian access between the Language Building and western side of the Dr Wood Learning Centre / Star Plaza. Please check Visiting Our Campus for up-to-date access information.

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