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Middle School students are provided with an abundance of choice, giving them ownership of their studies and opportunities to develop real world skills.

Our Year 9 Wood Building is reopening in 2021 after a complete refurbishment, which will include flexible, collaborative spaces and adjoining amphitheatre and garden spaces. 

Our Year 9 students have the opportunity to experience MLC Marshmead, our eight-week residential program in East Gippsland, developing the skills, knowledge, independence and attitude to live sustainably.

As students move into Year 10, we encourage each student to stretch and challenge themselves. Through vast subject breadth, it’s a chance for students to explore new pathways and start the process of identifying what their strengths and interests are, so that they can make informed choices about their senior pathways in VCE, VCE VET or IB

Students’ wellbeing is a very open and authentic conversation, and are provided with extensive support through staff, programs and workshops. 

- Head of Middle School, Mrs Melissa Lange

MLC Marshmead

One of the defining times of Middle School is the opportunity to experience MLC Marshmead, our dedicated off-campus living experience - often spoken about by the students for many years afterwards! For eight weeks, a group of Year 9 students live together, learning about themselves, their community and the environment.

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Senior School Pathways (VCE, VCE VET and IB)

In Year 10, the focus turns to future pathways and student choice is broadened, including the opportunity to apply to take on a VCE Unit 1 and 2 subject. Importantly, the study of an additional language beyond English is maintained, keeping open all Senior School pathways. 

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Middle School students are at an age where they are beginning to pave their own pathways. MLC understands that girls need special care to help them leap ahead in learning and in life, whatever their interests and talents. We have specialised programs that help girls foster their independence and understand decision making, especially as they head into Senior School.

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MLC Star

A World of Choice

Academic programs in Middle School are designed to give students a balanced curriculum that will provide access to the full range of pathways offered in the Senior School. Within a framework of ‘guided choice’, students are encouraged to develop areas of interest and try new subjects.

Year 9-10 Subjects

Our College Curriculum


MLC Star

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Preparing to start

MLC Star

Our College

6 Weeks - 5 Years

MLC Kindle celebrates the natural curiosity of children through hands-on exploration of the world around them.

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Prep - Year 6

A stimulating, caring Junior School environment, where friendships flourish and personalities develop.

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Years 7 - 8

Experience the exhilaration of personal achievement within a challenging, supportive and exciting learning environment at Junior Secondary School.

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Years 11 - 12

An exciting and diverse Senior School environment, where students are offered a wide range of subject choices and learning approaches that prepare them for life beyond school.  

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News & Events

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August 5, 2021
10 MLC Students Recognised in Premier's VCE Awards
10 MLC graduates have received a Premier's VCE Award for outstanding achievement in their 2020 studies.
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June 24, 2021
Year 11 Student Wins Premier’s Spirit of Democracy Prize
Applying for a prize is a great way to unearth a new passion, discovers Premier’s Spirit of Democracy Prize winner Jasmine Xu.
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May 31, 2021
Reassuring update - COVID
Updated 4.00 pm 31 May - A staff member was not infectious whilst at the College campus.
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