December 30, 2020
Congratulations to our VCE Class of 2020 who received their VCE results today!

We are immensely proud of their outstanding VCE and VCE VET results, continuing the College’s long tradition of academic excellence.

  • 16 students, 7% of the cohort, achieved 99 or above, placing them in the top 1% of the state.
  • 27% were in the top 5% of the state with an ATAR of 95 or above
  • 47% were in the top 10% of the state with an ATAR of 90 or above
  • An outstanding 21 perfect study scores were achieved in 14 subjects: Accounting, Biology, Business Management (2), VCE VET Business (2), Chemistry (2), Food Studies, Languages: Chinese First Language, Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Media, Physical Education (3), Psychology, Visual Communication and Design, and VCE VET Sport and Recreation (2).

Congratulations to Brooke Doolan, Anya Ross and Devyn Ross who are our VCE Duces each achieving an ATAR of 99.90, and our VCE Duces Secundae Kirrily Bortolussi, Saskia Bortolussi, Eva Katsoulis and Sayumi Premaratne who each achieved an ATAR of 99.85.

(L-R:) Eva Katsoulis, Brooke Doolan and Sayumi Premaratne.

Today, some of our students came into the College to celebrate the cohort's achievements and shared their insights.

Says one of the Duces, Brooke, “It felt like a childhood Christmas morning – I was nervous, excited and had butterflies. [Now] I’m relieved!”

Sayumi agrees: “Definitely relieved, it was so hard to predict given the year we’d had.”

All students agreed that finding balance was the key to success, though no easy feat with co-curricular activities not running through COVID-19 and being at home for much of the school year.

“Taking the dog for a walk, not studying 24/7 and breaking up study time was great for wellbeing,” Brooke says.

“I would call a friend at the same time every day to check in, study together and help us through the isolation,” adds Sayumi.

Eva, who achieved an ATAR of 99.85, was in the unique position of completing 8 VCE subjects, a remarkable undertaking. She credits having a routine and having belief in yourself, as well as incredible support from teachers.

“The teachers were outstanding,” she says. “They put in so much work, they were always there for support and gave up so much of their own time. At times I felt like the year was more work for them than for us!”

Despite the challenging year for all Year 12 students, Eva thoughtfully reflects back: “2020, it is our story, we made it our own and that is something we can be proud of.”

Students came into the College to celebrate their achievements.

“I congratulate each and every one of our VCE and VCE VET students for achieving these outstanding results,” says MLC Principal, Diana Vernon. “This year group has been stretched and challenged more than any other. We are all immensely proud of their results and I am particularly proud of the perseverance and the resilience our Class of 2020 demonstrated during the year.  Alongside this, their positivity, their support for each other and their compassion for the wider community were truly impressive and undoubtedly helped them through.

“These are qualities that aren’t reflected in an ATAR, but it is important to acknowledge the impressive levels of personal leadership and maturity our students have each shown; they are indeed world-ready.

“I would also like to congratulate those students who were travel-restricted, both interstate and overseas.  They deserve particular recognition for their perseverance and determination throughout the year as they learnt and also sat their important assessments online or at VCAA-approved centres, elsewhere in Australia and internationally.

“Importantly, I would like to acknowledge and thank MLC’s exceptional team of teachers and support staff for their fantastic contribution during 2020.  Our teachers have been committed and creative, adapting their lesson delivery and assessment, whilst we were all online, and providing continual wellbeing support for our students throughout the year.

“Finally, I would also like to acknowledge and thank our MLC parents for the phenomenal support that they have provided for their daughters this year.  It has been a tough year for everyone, but with the collective support from the entire MLC community, we have kept morale high and enabled our students to achieve across the board throughout this challenging time.”

Our remaining 57 Year 12 students will receive their International Baccalaureate (IB) results on Sunday, 3 January 2021.

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