October 08, 2020
This year, the MLC Student Representative Council has undergone some significant changes. Out with the old model, in with the new that sees students across year levels contributing to greater effect than ever before. Year 12 Deputy Senior Prefect Alice takes us through why these changes were made, and the positive effects we’ve seen taking place through 2020 so far:

Student leadership at MLC has always been sectionalised, with serious positions reserved for year 12 prefects, and house and home group roles limited to each year level. Up until 2020, MLC’s Student Representative Council (SRC) comprised one student per home-group in years 7-10, that met only within JSS and MS.

Upon reflecting on this system, the Prefect Executive decided to restructure the SRC so the representatives from every year could come together and make enduring and meaningful changes in-line with the visions students have for the school in its entirety.

Promoting leadership was one of the key goals for the Prefect Executive this year. With the new SRC, Year 7s and 8s can be guided and supported by their year 12 peers, and are able to develop new skills and confidence through tangible actions.

We hope that not only will the SRC members themselves be stronger leaders, but that the voices of each student across MLC will be amplified as their concerns are raised to their peers. The SRC envisions a College with programs proposed by students based on what they identify as important, much as the SRC itself was conceived.

The SRC has held meetings throughout term 3, and already new ideas around student mentorship, morale-boosting initiatives, and suggestions to timetables have been proposed. Students in Years 7-11 have learned how to write professional and rigorous proposals, considering logistical challenges and effective communication.

As we have been confined to our laptop screens, perhaps just as important are the relationships formed through the SRC. In a school as large as MLC, it is not often that a year 7 can chat with a year 10 or 12! We hope that our MLC community can be more unified than ever.

In a year where not much has been within our control, it has been incredibly fulfilling to see an idea come into fruition after many moths of hard work. We are so proud of the vibrant and engaged group of students that constitute the first 7-12 SRC, and we sincerely hope that they and future representatives grow into strong leaders and can make meaningful changes within the College.

Written by 2020 Deputy Senior Prefect, Alice C.

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