April 09, 2020
During the pandemic, you and your family may be experiencing emotions and feelings that are uncharted territory. For little kids (and big kids too), these feelings can become overwhelming if we don’t have the vocabulary to express and deal with these emotions. Developing these verbalisation skills will help to strengthen the EQ for children. Plus, teaching your child emotional intelligence now will equip them with lifelong social skills that can improve their mood and relationships.

The Resilience Project is an external company that provides at-school programs for children to learn to express their emotions, maintain wellbeing and improve their mental health. They’ve provided some simple at-home activities that will help children to deal with their emotions in a healthy way, thus improving your kids’ EQ.

Teaching Your Child Emotional Intelligence: Simple Exercises

Try answering these questions with your child. The focus is on verbalising their feelings, and recognising patterns in their emotions; these are the stepping-stones to developing EQ for children. Try to get your children to identify if they’ve experienced any of these emotions recently. What situations caused these feelings? Who will they need to be open and honest with to resolve any of these negative emotions?
  • Remember a time when you felt really happy. What made you feel this way?
  • Remember a time when you felt really sad. What made you feel this way? How did you turn your mood around?
  • Remember a time when you felt really excited. How did this make your body feel? For example, alert, energetic, trouble sleeping
  • Remember a time when you felt really anxious. How did this make your body feel? For example, increased heart rate, sweating, trouble sleeping, butterflies. What did you do to cope with feeling this way?
Click here to watch a short video about why it’s important to express how you’re feeling.
Click here for Lower Primary School resources.
Click here for Upper Primary School resources.
Click here for Secondary School resources.

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