April 14, 2020
The writing of Shakespeare is never more lively or entertaining than when it’s brought off the page and into the real world at the hands of a talented actor. Who better to bring these classic sonnets to life than Sir Patrick Stewart, the acting veteran best known for his role in the Star Trek series.
Sir Patrick Stewart has been using his self-isolation time to deep dive into the Shakespeare treasure trove and recite famous sonnets and monologues for his many social media followers. We’ve linked some of our favourites below, though you can follow along with Stewart’s Twitter account for more.

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January 3, 2021
IB Results 2020
Congratulations to our IB Class of 2020 on their exceptional results!
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December 30, 2020
VCE Results 2020
Congratulations to our VCE Class of 2020 for their outstanding results!
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December 15, 2020
NLC Recognised in 2020 Architecture Awards
Our beloved Nicholas Learning Centre has recently been recognised in the Golden Trezzini Architecture Awards, among other accolades this year.
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