April 03, 2020
Did you know our Junior School tram is turning a not-so-junior 55 years old this year? It was first introduced by Headmistress Miss Forster in 1965 as a play area inspired by a Melbourne icon.

Pictured: Junior School students in the 1960s enjoying the tram in their smocks.

To celebrate, our beloved tram is getting a refurbishment thanks to the generosity of the Junior School Parent’s Committee. We’ve invited all Junior School students to help us design a new mural, which will first be digitally interpreted then hand-painted by Melbourne artist Christian Vine.

New Head of Junior School, Ms Louise Peyton has only just met our beloved tram, but staff have informed her of its colourful past.
“A member of staff who is a past pupil remembers it painted as a traditional old-style tram, and in recent years it has featured a flying train and various book characters. We felt that it was looking a bit tired and in need of some love, and who better to provide that than our talented JS students,” she says.

Pictured: The tram update in progress

Inside, the tram will be decked out new marine carpet, a fresh coat of paint, west facing windows, and the timber seating will be repaired, sanded back and varnished. This will create a multi-purpose space to be enjoyed through both learning and play.

According to Ms Peyton, the Junior School students were always an integral consideration in the redesign process.

“We wanted the students to have their design ideas acknowledged through the new design on our tram. A vital aspect of the negotiations with the artist, Christian Vine, was that the final design incorporated many aspects of the students' ideas focusing on the seasons and the Learning@MLC statement.
“The theme is "Seasons of Learning". The second stage of the refurbishment of the tram will be the interior where we hope to create an aesthetically pleasing space for passive play.”

Stay tuned for the final result!

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