April 09, 2020

In light of current restrictions, MLC is offering online content for a broad range (16 total!) of our regular MLC Sport programs. These include regular GSV Sports, Intensive Sports, Club programs and an online Fitness Club. The sport programs cater to girls in the Junior School and all the way to our elite level athletes.

A key focus for MLC’s online sport programs is maintaining social connections, developing mental well-being, physical development and activity, while we work together to overcome the challenges associated with COVID-19.


The full suite of online MLC Sport programs are: 

·         GSV Sports (Netball, Hockey, Footy, Cross Country, Strength & Conditioning) 

·         Gymnastics (Competitive, Gym For All and Kinder Gym) 

·         Cheerleading 

·         Dance 

·         Fitness Club 

·         Swimming specific Strength & Conditioning 

·         Stars Netball 

·         Kayaking 

·         Snowsports 

·         An online Year 7 – 12 House Cross Country Carnival, which was successfully completed early June 2020.

We’re not only providing opportunities for our MLC students, but also to our club members in Swim and Gymnastics. While they aren’t MLC students, they are nonetheless an important part of our MLC community.


Options at every skill level

The online sport programs cater to students of all levels of skill, ability and ages. Whether it is a student signing up to their favourite sport, trying something new with their friends or honing their skills at the elite level.  

MLC’s Gymnastics and Swimming elite programs have been provided with individual and group online training programs, created by our world-class staff to incorporate physical training with regular feedback sessions and check-ins. These students are also being provided a range of mental skills, team building exercises and group challenges to enhance their athletic development.


Here’s an example of how MLC Aquatic training sessions are adapting to online content.


Get up and moving in class and at home

There are a number of options available for students to exercise outside of GSV and other regular sporting commitments through their regular PE classes.  The collaboration between Sport and PE is essential here as they work together to seamlessly to provide a complimentary physical activity and wellbeing program for girls 'inside and outside' of the classroom.   

For example, the PE staff are encouraging ‘Brain Breaks’ where students in each PE class take time away from their screens to get active in a creative way, like walking the dog, a run around the block with mum or helping dad in the garden

Junior School students are being offered ‘Active Afternoons’. The idea of Active Afternoon is to provide a variety of activities for students to ‘opt in’ if they are looking for some ideas to be active and moving after school. 

Students who want to get up and moving can register for our online Fitness Club. This is a space where Year 7 to 12 students can record their runs with friends, yoga workouts or even walking the dog on an app.  

Physical activity, no matter how big or small the effort is, contributes significantly to academic output and performance. Even incidental activity and movement can improve sleeping patterns, mindfulness and reduce stress. This leads to improved concentration, focus and alertness to assist with studies and enjoying your day.  

We are hopeful of returning to face-to-face sport programs where possible. However, we will be fully prepared to deliver engaging online content if restrictions dictate.

Written by Michael Jenkins, MLC's Director of Sport

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