April 20, 2020

Story time is always better with voices, expressions and buckets of enthusiasm. And that's exactly what these famous faces bring to these stories. You may recognise some of your favourite actors and comedians as they bring their favourite story book to life.

Kristen Bell Reads Quackenstein Hatches a Family

This story book is about Quackenstein the lonely duck who longs for a family. He stumbles upon an abandoned egg and vows to nuture it. But when the egg hatches and an unexpected creature crawls out, Quackenstein must learn to love the unfamiliar animal.

Mark Duplass Reads When a Dragon Moves in

Did you know that when you build a perfect sandcastle, a dragon wil move in?! It's true, discovers a young boy at the beach. But not everyone around you can see this dragon, and they'll try to convince you he doesn't exist.

Allison Janney Reads Carla's Sandwich

Have you ever been scared to new foods because they're unfamiliar? Or have you ever felt left out because your lunch box is... different to everyone else's? The story book, Carla's Sandwich is about a young girl who loves to make adventurous and unusual sandwiches for lunch. She likes being different, until the other kids start to ridicule her for her out-of-the-box creations...

Rashida Jones Reads Please Please the Bees

Benedict the bear is a creature of habit. He loves honey, and gets three jars delivered from the bees in his yard every single day. But when those bees decide to strike, Benedict learns not to take his daily honey for granted.

Tony Hale Reads No More Noisy Nights

Jackson has moved in to a new house, but doesn't realise he has three uninvited night owls sharing his new house with him. Three nights in a row he can't sleep a wink, until he finds the best solution; no more noisy nights and three new pals.

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