January 04, 2018
Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) has again achieved outstanding IB results, complementing the exceptional VCE scores released in December 2017. MLC is one of Australia’s most successful IB schools, with MLC’s top-performing students achieving a perfect score each year over the past 10 years.

Four students have achieved perfect IB scores of 45, which equates to the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. Congratulations to Thanushi Peiris, Cathy Fei, Vivienne Lynch and Anna Munday for this fantastic achievement. *

24% of MLC’s IB students achieved an ATAR equivalent of 99 or above and 74% achieved 95 or above. An incredibly 96% of IB students achieved an ATAR of 90 or more. The median ATAR is an outstanding 97.6.

With 48 highest-possible scores in Mathematics, Science and Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS), our students’ high results in STEAM subjects in particular reflect the College’s commitment to developing the next generation of skilled, technologically capable and creative problem solvers.

IB students come into the College to receive their results, unlike VCE students who receive theirs online. MLC Principal, Diana Vernon, was on hand to celebrate the results with the students this morning along with Head of Senior School, Anne Wallington and other Senior School staff.

“Congratulations to our IB students on these exceptional results,” Diana says. “These young women have fully embraced the International Baccalaureate and everything that it offers, ensuring that they are well prepared for their futures in our increasingly globalised world.  Alongside achieving outstanding academic scores, these students have demonstrated leadership, made significant community contributions well beyond that required by the IB ‘service’ element and generally they have been busily involved in co-curricular activities across all areas of the College.”

Cathy Fei, who achieved 99.95, hopes to study medicine. “I was a bit nervous beforehand,” she says of the time leading up to receiving her score, “but it all worked out!” Cathy was an active participant in many co-curricular activities, including being a national finalist in the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad. “Participating in other activities helped keep a balance so it wasn’t all just about studying, and I was also able to pursue my hobbies.”

Thanushi Peiris, MLC’s Senior Prefect in 2017, also achieved 99.95, despite missing six weeks of Year 12 to attend a prestigious science program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. “It was challenging,” she says of missing school during July and August, “but my teachers were very supportive and helped me plan out what I had to do whilst I was away. It was definitely worth the experience!”
She was pragmatic in the led up today’s results. “As clichéd as it is to say, your ATAR doesn’t define you. Getting a high ATAR doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful later, there’s still a lot of hard work ahead to put in.”

Our Class of 2017 now await Round One university offers on 16 January. The diverse range of universities and tertiary courses they have preferenced reflects the broad curriculum offerings they have enjoyed at MLC. These include courses in areas such as Agriculture, Biomedicine, Science and Engineering, from over 40 universities across 7 countries including Oxford, Cambridge and MIT.

This year’s outstanding IB results complement the success of MLC’s graduating VCE Class of 2017. A total of three students have achieved top ranked ATARs of 99.95, and 54% achieved ATARs above 90.

Some of our IB students after finding out their results

(L - R) Principal Diana Vernon, Cathy Fei, Thanushi Peiris, Head of Senior School Anne Wallington

Cathy and Thanushi, both who achieved top 99.95 ATARs
Edit 30/1/2018: Previous version reported two students achieved 99.95. Two more students' ATARs were adjusted to 99.95 after Enquiry Upon Results (EURs) in January 2018.

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