September 22, 2020
Looking for a way to support local business, enjoy a delicious meal and donate to a worthy cause all at once? Perhaps this wasn’t specifically on your to-do list, but Year 11 student Andie has devised a ‘distance dinner’ initiative that ticks all three of these feel-good boxes.

With the aim of raising $10,000 for the School of St Jude in Tanzania, Andie has enlisted the help of local café Marci and The Melbourne Cookie Company to deliver banquet dinner boxes to homes around Melbourne. When these boxes are delivered on October 18th, families will sit down to eat knowing that they’re engaged in a long-distance dinner party raising money for a worthy cause.

“It’s difficult under these current circumstances to help other people,” says Andie. “So this fundraiser is about knowing that like-minded people are enjoying good food at the same time as you, and you’re doing your bit to help those who are disadvantaged.”

Andie took part in MLC’s Tanzania tour to The School of St Jude in 2019. St Jude's provides a free, high-quality education to 1,800 of Tanzania's most disadvantaged primary and secondary aged children, and has a program to also support its graduates through higher education.

Every year, Middle School students raise funds to give to St Jude's, and a group of students visit the school and spend time teaching, and learning from, the children.

Andie’s family held a banquet lunch at their house as part of her fundraising efforts last year and were looking forward to hosting that lunch again in 2020.

“COVID-19 and lockdowns across Melbourne prevented us from hosting the lunch. We came up with the idea to take the fundraiser virtual, we contacted Marci, and together we will be able to deliver fully prepared dinner boxes to families across Melbourne.”

Meal boxes are available at $200 for two servings and features seven delectable courses including cured kingfish, salted lemon, green harissa with a herb salad and Madagascan chocolate and caramel mousse, dulce de leche, honeycomb and peanut brittle for dessert.

You’ll also have the option to purchase an African animal cookie pack with several flavours available, including some vegan options! You’re welcome to add a voluntary donation on top of, or in lieu of your dinner box order.

If you’d like to join in the long-distance dining experience, place your orders on the Dining 4 St Jude website prior to the 7th of October.

You can find out more about the Dining 4 St Jude project here.

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