April 15, 2020

Staying at home means there are fewer options for getting your body moving with co-curricular sport or P.E. classes. Instead, try these at-home YouTube workouts for all ages.

For MLC Kindle kids

The Stretching and Exercising Song

Staying at home all day long can mean that kids aren’t burning as much energy as usual. This stretching and exercising song from YouTube channel Cocomelon, a toddlers’ and kids’ video channel, shows toddlers some simple exercises to get their bodies moving.

For families

P.E. with Joe

As a way to keep school-age kids fit during home isolation, trainer Joe of The Body Coach TV YouTube channel has been live-streaming a P.E. style at-home workout every morning at 9am (UK time). The workouts are super easy to follow along, with high-energy jumps mixed in with squats and stretches – this is no easy feat, but it can be adapted to most skill levels making it the perfect family sweat session.

For co-curricular sport players

12 minute Netball core at-home workout

If you’re missing your after-school training sessions, a good way to keep fit at-home is to search up some sport inspired home workouts. This one shows you how to keep your core strong using a netball, so you can bounce back into co-curricular sport when the time comes.

For stressed-out studiers

20 Minute Morning Yoga

With fewer outlets than usual for dealing with stress-relief, it’s important to recognise when you’re feeling stressed out so you can apply some practical strategies to nip those feelings in the bud. One way to do this is a relaxing and energising morning yoga routine.

For those with lots of energy to burn

30 Minute At-Home Boxing Workout

Got a lot of energy that would usually get burned up at lunch-time or during P.E. classes? This at-home workout is for you. Jab, punch and plank out that energy in an intense boxing-style workout that covers core and cardio, too.

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