MLC has a proud tradition of welcoming boarders from rural and regional areas, as well as from countries all around the world.

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Held virtually and hosted by our Head and Deputy Head of Boarding, this live event will provide insight into life as an MLC boarder, including our structure, our boarding community and wellbeing support for our students.

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Tour our Boarding House:

Our Tiddeman Boarding House offers a home away from home for approximately 100 Year 7 to Year 12 students, providing an exciting journey for boarders to experience new opportunities, create lasting friendships and learn independence. We provide a warm, friendly environment that offers the balance of flexibility and structure, privacy and connection.

We are located near the centre of Hawthorn and at the top of Glenferrie Road, a hub of activity with a cinema, countless shops and a huge variety of cafes and eateries ensuring that there are plenty of things for boarders to see and do in their free time. Boarders may also visit Melbourne's CBD, located only a quick train ride away, and explore the unlimited attractions that the 'world's most liveable city' offers.


Boarding Wellbeing

From the moment a new boarder begins at Tiddeman House, she is always supported. We understand that the transition to boarding can be daunting, and our experienced and passionate team of staff are committed to delivering best practice residential care and develop true relationships with our students.

All of our Boarding House staff are qualified teachers, with the added benefit of working in the Boarding House and also teaching some day school classes, so they are well-integrated in the whole school. The team includes a Head of Boarding, Assistant Head of Boarding and Year Level Supervisors, who work together to help each student manage their learning and to ensure that they achieve their personal best. Supervisors regularly liaise with day school teaching staff and parents, ensuring that academic progress is monitored to meet each student's unique learning needs.


Community and Involvement

MLC offers one of the largest and most varied curricula in Australia, and we enthusiastically encourage our boarders to embrace the diverse range of activities available - with 30 sports and a wide range of orchestras, ensembles, choirs, committees and clubs, there is something for everyone. Our College facilities include our renowned Music School and Physical Education Centre for lessons and tuition, as well as dedicated Boarding sporting programs.

The Boarding House upholds a strong sense of community spirit making it a warm and friendly place to be. There are an abundance of organised weekend activities, an annual Boarders’ drama production and special event nights such as our annual Boarders' Birthday Night.  Some examples of activities include city excursions, visits to everything from the Zoo to escape rooms, and even a surf weekend in Geelong or a trip to the snow! These offer great camaraderie between all students and builds lasting friendships.

Through a different community activity each term, boarders are also able to engage in social justice and community spirit to help those who are less fortunate, and forms the basis of being a good global citizen.

Additionally, each boarder is integrated fully within the day school House system. Boarders are encouraged to embrace life at MLC in order to enrich their learning, extend their friendships and improve their wellbeing.


Leadership and Support

The student leadership team of Prefects and Leaders are there to provide extra support and a friendly face, especially to the younger students or those who are new.

All of our boarders are allocated to one of six 'Tiddeman Families', each with a dedicated student leader. Every Thursday night is Family Dinner, which is a great opportunity for students to share stories and offer support. Our boarders essentially 'growup' with their Tiddeman Family, and it is comforting to know there is always someone they can go to with questions.


Why Board?

Boarding is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop confidence, resilience and time management skills. Our boarders become self-directed, independent and responsible with diverse interests.

Coming to MLC provides your daughter with a myriad of opportunity. Whether it is sporting or musical pursuits, social justice, leadership programs or tours and exchanges, you will always find our boarders a part of them!

For those not from Melbourne, boarding gives students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the city and makes transitions into future tertiary studies far easier. We are proud to foster a community culture of support and diversity, where lifelong friendships are made.

Boarding Scholarships are available, see our Scholarships page for further information.

Enrolment in the Boarding House

Students are considered for entry into the Boarding House once they have met MLC's enrolment criteria and are enroled in Year 7 to 12 at MLC.

An interview with the Head of Boarding is required prior to an offer being made. Offers are made in accordance with the College's Enrolment Policy.

To accept a place in the Boarding House, parents must sign MLC's Acceptance Agreement for Tiddeman Boarding House. Current Boarding Fees can be found at our Fees & Payments page.

The Boarding House Handbook provides more information about the boarding services provided by MLC.
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Boarding FAQs

Understandably, students and parents have many questions about life as a boarder at Methodist Ladies' College. While you may find answers to many of these below, we welcome your individual queries by contacting MLC Admissions.
How many girls are in each room?
Boarders in Years 7 – 11 share a room with 1 or 2 other girls in the same year level and change rooms at the end of each term. The year level tutor will consult with students towards the end of each term and provide students with the opportunity to submit preferences regarding who they would like to share a room with. The year level tutor will then consider these preferences, as well as individual study and sleeping habits, when allocating rooms for the following term. Year 12 students have their own rooms which they stay in for the full academic year.
How will my daughter be supported with her studies?
All of our Boarding House staff are qualified teachers so our boarders benefit from supervised homework and study sessions, as well as our world-class library which is also open after school and widely utilised by our boarders. There is a great focus on developing study skills and techniques amongst our students. Our staff regularly liaise with day school teaching staff and parents so that each boarder’s learning needs are met and progress is monitored.

Boarders are also able to engage with external tutors for any specialised material or one-on-one tutoring, as well as the College's extension programs.

Each evening during the week, time is allocated for homework with tutors on hand for assistance. This regular routine helps boarders to develop productive studying habits and plan their time effectively. Many past boarders attribute the increased degree of self-reliance and regular routine to their easy transition into tertiary studies.
Are boarders allowed out on the weekends?
The boarding program runs a number of weekend activities for students, however students are free to plan their own time, with many boarders arranging social outings in neighbouring suburbs. Whether catching a movie, shopping or socialising with friends, boarders have the flexibility to be independent and plan their own schedule. With permission from their parents/guardians and at the discretion of Boarding House staff, students are able to leave the Boarding House during set times. All students are required to sign out at the Staff Office.
Is MLC located close to public transport?
MLC is fortunate to have easy public transport options and is only 8 km from the Melbourne CBD. The route 16 tram stops directly outside of MLC on Glenferrie Road, and connects to many other tram routes including routes 8, 70, 72 and 75. Glenferrie Railway Station is an easy 10 minute walk down the road, serviced by the Belgrave/Lilydale/Alamein lines, which includes quick direct access to the Melbourne CBD, and Southern Cross Station/V-Line services for those who travel regionally.

We also have a dedicated MLC Boarders' mini-bus for direct transfers to Southern Cross Station, as well as relationships with trusted taxi services.

Click here to view Public Transport Victoria Maps.
What if my daughter is unwell?
If your daughter is unwell during the day, she will report to the College nurses in the Health Centre. We also have a Boarding House nurse available every evening between Mondays - Thursdays, and of course our experienced Boarding House staff.

Due to our location on Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn, we have a range of health services on our doorstep. This includes two local GPs who provide a locum service, dentists, orthodontists, physiotherapists and pharmacies.
Can my daughter do outside activities?
Being a boarder means that students are able to engage with local sporting clubs and external classes across Melbourne. Boarders also have access to lessons, tutoring and activities on campus, which includes our renowned Music School and Physical Education Centre, which are all open after school and on weekends so the opportunity of furthering your daughter's passions is never far away. The MLC campus is home to MLC Gymnastics, one of Victoria's largest and most successful gymnastics clubs, as well as MLC Aquatic, which in 2020 was awarded as a Top 2 Victorian swimming club.

Why MLC?

Life in Melbourne

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There’s definitely a sense of community and support, and boarding has given me the confidence to try new things. I would definitely recommend the experience!
Georgia, current Year 11 boarder.