January 04, 2017

MLC’S Outstanding IB Results: 3 students achieve perfect IB scores of 45

MLC has a long tradition of performing strongly in the IB, with top-performing students achieving a perfect score every year over the past 9 years.

3 students have achieved perfect IB scores of 45 from the 2016 cohort, which equates to the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. Congratulations to Cathy Hua, Jessie Li-Tan and Claire Chen for this fantastic achievement. *

In addition, 4 more students achieved an IB score of 44, equivalent to an ATAR of 99.85, with an incredible 36% of MLC’s IB students achieving an ATAR equivalent of 99 or above, and 70% achieving 95 or above. The median ATAR is an outstanding 97.6.

“Congratulations to our 47 IB students for these outstanding results,” says MLC Principal, Diana Vernon. “As an open-entry, non-selective school, I am thrilled that our students have not only achieved these academic scores, but have enthusiastically embraced the renowned aspects of the IB program that create well-rounded, world-ready women.

With 48 highest-possible scores in Mathematics and Science, our students’ high results in STEAM subjects reflect the College’s commitment to developing the next generation of skilled, technologically capable and creative problem solvers.

Whilst community service is a core component of the IB, I am extremely proud of our students who collectively accomplished almost 1,500 extra hours above and beyond the required amount, along with a great commitment to a wide range of co-curricular pursuits and leadership responsibilities.  This achievement is entirely consistent with the MLC values and the College’s strong focus on social awareness and building community.”

4Jan2016-12.jpgCathy Hua, who achieved 99.95, was a College Prefect and also earned an Associate in Music (A.Mus.A) for piano, and the highly prestigious Licentiate in Music (L.Mus.A) for oboe. “I really enjoyed being involved in so many activities outside of my subjects,” she says. “I was lucky enough to be the College Pianist, which means participating in many of our concerts, performances and assemblies. The College has given me such a wide range of opportunities and I intend to continue pursuing these interests when I go onto university next year.”

The International Baccalaureate is a program focused on academic rigour and on the personal development of students. The program covers six academic areas including a second language as well as humanities, sciences and maths. The breadth of the program is evident in the wide range of pursuits of the 2016 MLC IB cohort which has included the first female representative in the Australian Infomatics Olympiad Team, significant achievements in music, outstanding results across sports such as rowing and cross country running, and notable contributions in debating and leadership excellence. Involvement in national and international community service programs includes the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Friends of Romania and the Baan Than Namchai Foundation in Thailand.

This year’s outstanding IB results complement the success of MLC’s graduating VCE Class of 2016. A total of 5 students have achieved perfect ATARs of 99.95, and 27% of the 2016 student cohort achieved an ATAR of 95 and above.


* Edit 16/1/17: The original number of IB students who achieved a top ATAR of 99.95 increased from two students to three, upon receiving updated IB results due to Enquiry Upon Results (EURs). Further statistics may change as other updated results are released.

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