Find answers below to all your enrolment queries. For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Does MLC have a waiting list?
Yes, all applicants are automatically put onto a waiting list until MLC Admissions begins the enrolment process for the year of interest. Please refer to the College's Enrolment Policy for more information.
How does MLC's waiting list work?
Students are placed on our waiting list according to the date on which we receive your completed Application for Admission. Enrolments are processed three years prior to commencement, at which MLC Admissions will contact families to confirm interest and begin the enrolment process. In the event that year levels are at capacity, then families who have not been offered a place will remain on the waiting list. MLC Admissions will make contact if a vacancy occurs. Places at MLC are offered in order of the date of application. A family connection to the College provides students with a two year advantage on the waiting list. Please refer to the College's Enrolment Policy for more information.
What are MLC's main intake years?
MLC accepts students at all year levels where places are available. The major intake years are Prep, Year 5 and Year 7.
Does every student have the opportunity to attend MLC?
MLC is not an academically selective school, and all students are welcome to apply. Every student entering the College from Year 5 is asked to sit a General Ability Test (GAT) one to two years prior to entry, which helps us ensure we can meet your daughter's individual learning needs.

For those entering in non-intake years, their GAT will be the year prior to entry.
When will my daughter be offered a place?
For main intake years (Prep, Year 5 and Year 7), you will be contacted three (3) years prior to entry in order to complete a Pre-Enrolment Student Statement. Once this has been completed, an offer may be made.

For non-intake year entry, an offer will be made after an interview with the relevant Head of School.
How will my daughter be supported in her transition to MLC?

Appropriate support is provided to ensure transitions are as smooth as possible. Planning and preparation sessions are held for students in transition for one year level to the next and specific preparation sessions are held for either MLC Marshmead or Melbourne Term in Year 9. 

All new students to MLC attend orientation sessions and a meeting with the Head of School. Year 7 students have Year 11 ‘Big Sisters’ and ‘Outdoor Leaders’ assigned to their Home Group who support the Year 7 wellbeing program.

Similarly, all Prep students are linked to a Year 4 ‘buddy’. New students in other year levels are also linked to a supportive MLC peer through age-appropriate Mentor or Buddy programs.

MLC is a large school – will my daughter get lost?
Student wellbeing is a key priority at MLC and underpins every teaching and learning program. The College is divided into four separate schools, each managed by a Head of School: Junior School (Prep-Year 6), Junior Secondary School (Year 7 and 8), Middle School (Year 9 and 10) and Senior School (Year 11 and 12).

In the Junior School, class teachers work with the Head of School, specialist teachers, counsellors and parents to ensure each student is known and cared for. In Years 7 to 10, students belong to a Home Group and meet daily with their Home Group teacher to address any concerns or issues they may have. Year 11 and 12 students meet their Tutor weekly in their Tutor Groups and participate individual coaching sessions with their Tutor.

All students have access to a wide support network which includes Student Co-ordinators, Learning Support staff, Chaplains and Counsellors, who work together to ensure each student develops confidence, self-esteem and a sense of belonging.
Does MLC offer scholarships?

Yes, each year we offer a large number of academic, music/academic, boarding, Indigenous and means-tested principal scholarships for both current and new students.  

Find out more about scholarships at MLC.

What programs do you offer for talented students?
MLC's Compass program has been specially designed to meet the unique needs of talented students. This innovative online learning program provides enrichment across a wide range of subject areas. High-potential students may self-select or be nominated to participate in enrichment programs online – without leaving their desks! The progress of all students involved in the wide range of Compass programs is monitored by highly skilled Learning Support staff to ensure each student's individual learning needs are met.
What languages do you offer?
In Years 7 to 12, MLC offers French, French Immersion, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese. Students can also choose to study Spanish in Years 9 to 12. In Junior School, students study Japanese from Prep to Year 4, and French in Years 5 and 6. Students at MLC Kindle also learn Japanese, with a focus on culture and diversity. Students may also choose to study another language through distance education, with support from the College and with approval from the relevant Head of School.

Please see our Languages webpage for more information.
What sports do you offer?
Physical Education and Sport coaches offer more than 30 sports to students at MLC. Specialist staff provide coaching for the many MLC teams who compete in inter-school competitions during the week and after school, while several MLC sports clubs, including Diving, Netball, Gymnastics, Rowing, Kayaking, Snow Sports and Swimming, run on the weekend. MLC's outstanding Physical Education Centre includes an indoor swimming and diving pool, gymnasium, dance facilities and an Olympic standard gymnastics venue.

Please see our Co-curricular Sport page for more information.
What music opportunities are available?
Music is an integral part of the curriculum at MLC, and all students have the opportunity to participate in performance groups including choirs and orchestras. Individual tuition in a wide range of instruments and voice is also available at the school. MLC's Music Department provides superb performance venues, as well as individual tuition suites and studios.
What co-curricular opportunities are available to students?
An important part of an MLC education happens beyond the classroom, where a student can immerse herself in a world of creativity and activity. Whether it's sport, music, debating or Shakespeare, there is an abundance of co-curricular activities to ignite your daughter’s passion.
What are MLC's term dates?
View MLC's term dates.
How many girls board at MLC?

MLC’s Boarding House is home to approximately 120 boarders from Years 7 – 12, from both rural and metropolitan areas in Australia and a wide variety of overseas nations.

Find out more about boarding at MLC.

Does MLC run a private bus service?

MLC is located close to public transport on Glenferrie Road. Trams run past the school and Glenferrie train station is a short walk away. There are also two private bus companies that service several schools in the local area.

Our Transport Map has information on public transport to and from MLC.

Do you have any connections with a boys' school?
MLC does not have a formal connection with any particular boys’ school but instead takes part in activities with a number of local boys' schools. We collaborate with Camberwell Grammar on a musical production every second year, work co-operatively with Xavier College on their Maytime Fair, take part in the inter-school debating program with a number of boys' and girls' schools, and hold several friendly inter-school sport matches each year with schools including Scotch College, Camberwell Grammar and Trinity Grammar. Other regular activities with local boys’ schools include MLC’s reciprocal literature club exchange with Scotch College.