March 14, 2019

 One of the highlights of the Dramatic Arts department, the annual Year 12 Play, is fast approaching!

“Little Girl” tells the story of Sadako Sasaki, a young Japanese girl who is diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, ten years after Hiroshima was devastated after the world’s first atomic bomb in 1945. Her spirit, bravery and courage in the face of adversity was not only admirable, but inspirational.

The cast of thirteen Year 12 VCE Drama students have been learning their lines since late 2018, also researching further into the story of Hiroshima.

“The girls have really connected to the piece,” says Dana Duncan, Director of Dramatic Arts.

“The story comes from a feminist perspective, and also highlights greed and capitalism in a historical setting. The running commentary additionally helps put it into a political context.”

The production sees the inclusion of Japanese songs and haiku poems, as well as three pieces of backcloth for stylistically projecting around the audience – a first for an MLC Year 12 production. Thematically, the play relates to the seasons and includes plenty of symbolism.

“After being told of this story in Japan many years ago, I have had a long interest in it,” says Dana. “Culturally, it fits well into the global perspectives that we teach at MLC. We examine why, we learn of the appreciation of culture.”

The play has been written by London-based playwright and actor Katy Brooksbank, an Old Collegian, making it all the more connected to the College.

As is tradition, the College also welcomes back four recent past Drama students who will make up the technical crew.

Whilst performed by Year 12s, it has had an impact on other year levels. In the play, Sadako folded 1000 paper cranes, in a symbolic attempt to cure herself from her illness. In turn, the Year 12s have spent time teaching Year 8s how to fold the cranes, alongside telling them about the story and sharing the experience.

Furthering the collaborative aspect to the production, the Language Department has also been involved, in ensuring the students’ Japanese pronunciations are accurate.

With a message of resilience and ultimately peace, “Little Girl” is sure to have a lasting impact on audiences.

Venue: Betty Jackson Hall

Matinee: Tuesday, 26 March, 3.40pm
Tickets: $15

Gala Opening: Wednesday 27th March
Dress Code - Cocktail
6.00 pm Pre-show refreshments
6.45 pm Pre-show entertainment
Performance: 7.00 pm
Tickets: $25

Final Performance: Thursday, 28 March, 7.00pm
Tickets: $15


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