March 25, 2019
MLC students showcased throughout the VCAA’s Season of Excellence and the Victorian and Tasmanian IB Visual Arts Exhibition.

MLC is proud to announce that several students have featured in the VCE Season of Excellence.

The VCE Season of Excellence is comprised of twelve concerts (Top Class and Top Acts), two exhibitions (Top Designs and Top Arts), and multiple screenings of short films (Top Screen) offered in Melbourne’s major cultural venues from February–June each year.

Works are showcased by the most outstanding VCE students from 2018, recognising the individual student’s achievement.

MLC students have features in the following:

Top Arts
Held at the Ian Potter Centre: National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Federation Square, is an exhibition of ceramics, drawing, film, mixed media, painting, photography and printmaking produced by VCE Art and VCE Studio Arts students.
MLC VCE Studio Arts student, Maia Braden, has been selected as one of 40 artists from over 2000 entries with her work titled, Secrecy.
Maia’s work will be exhibited until 14 July 2019.

Top Screen
A presentation of shorts created by VCE Media students at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).
MLC VCE Media student, Tanya Wong, featured with her short film titled, Still Woozy: Cooks.
You can view a screening of Tanya’s work up until Tuesday, 7 May.

Top Designs
A showcase of work created by VCE Media, Product Design and Technology, Theatre Studies, Systems Engineering, Visual Communications and Design and VCE VET Creative and Digital Media at Melbourne Museum.
Tanya Wong’s work in Media - Film, will also be showcased.

Top Class
VCE Class Drama student, Sarah Walker, presented in concert with her character, Tokyo Rose on Tuesday, 12 March. Sarah was chosen for her outstanding performance skills.
Shehara Arambewala, current Year 12, opened the Top Class - Music (Contemporary/classical groups and soloists) at the Melbourne Recital Centre with her solo piano medley 'Star Wars Meets Hollywood' and was very proud to represent MLC.

MLC VCE VET Music Industry (performance) student, Lisa Kunstler, was selected for Top Class- Sound, which was awarded for her creation of an original musical piece. The concert was held on the 19th March at the Melbourne Recital and Arts Centre, Melbourne.
Congratulations also to our shortlisted MLC students:
Chloe Hartley – Top Arts
Stephanie Lourantos – Top Designs
Cathy Chen – Top Designs
For more information or to book tickets please click on the following links:

Top Screen  7​​ March to 7 May 
Top Designs  17 March to 15 July 
Top Arts  23 March to 15 July 
Top Class  23 February to 19 March 
Top Acts 11 May
The IB Visual Arts Exhibition was also held from the 14 February until 3 March 2019 at the Glen Eira City Council Gallery. This featured a diverse range of selected student artworks from the 2018 Visual Arts Course.
Featured students included:
Charlotte Green, Self Portrait
Ella Katz, The Tea Party
Hannah Danks, They had to Flee
Jiayi Chen, The roof 4 Seasons
Nina Treherne, Circuit Cape, Thumbscape and The Three Graces
Stefania Gertis, Transient 




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