March 16, 2020
A state-wide schools initiative in Victoria is encouraging students to become citizen scientists and help to build nesting boxes for wildlife habitats destroyed in the recent Australian bushfires.

The initiative was developed by the Mallacoota Community, Mallacoota Recovery Management, ARC MacGyver Makers Guild and researcher Alice McGlashan.
Wildlifebox1.jpgPictured: Sustainability Prefect Freya (left), Ella and Dalya, Year 12.

MLC has jumped on board with the MLC Green Team led by Sustainability Prefect Freya Brown, along with the Year 11 and 12 IB Students embracing the program and promoting this across Years 7-12.
“The Wildlife Boxes project is an initiative where students work in small groups to woodwork boxes that act as habitats for Mallacoota wildlife whose homes have been burnt by the recent fires,” says Freya.

“It’s a cause particularly close to us MLC students, because of our close connection with MLC Marshmead, which is why so many students are keenly participating.”


MLC’s volunteers have received generous support from community businesses, including Bunnings Hawthorn which is donating a portion of the materials required, and Provans Home Timber and Hardware pledging to supply the exterior 18mm ply at cost price.
This project aligns with the IB Core Curriculum under the Year 11 and Year 12 IB Creativity, Action and Service component of the curriculum (CAS) in the area of service learning.


Many of the IB Students have already linked their CAS Service component into another volunteer project at MLC, creating Joey pouches through Wildlife Victoria.
Currently, we have 75 students across years 7-12 signed up to participate in the Wildlife Boxes project during Term 1. In groups of 5-6, students will work collaboratively across a number of lunchtimes to complete a Wildlife Box designed for a specific species.

A number of the Art & Design teachers are assisting in supervising students in their lunch time. Thank you to Coralie Buckley, Judy Rodsted-Wood and Jo Heide for coordinating the program!

Discover more about MLC's Mallacoota Bushfire Fundraiser here.

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