December 14, 2017
One might think that not a lot happens during the final week of the school year – this was certainly not the case for our Year 7s!

Their last full week of 2017 was STEAM Week, following on from the success of the program in 2016.

The question was asked, “what makes a perfect city?” with the final result being a tremendous, hand-built model of a city, constructed collaboratively by the whole year level, over 200 girls!

Each home group created different sections of the city: CBD, educational/medical precinct, arts/culture precinct, industrial precinct and residential precinct. Each individual piece of the city also had to integrate the usage of electrical Arduino circuit boards which incorporated the students' programmable code: city lights could flash and elevators could move, to name a few!

Within the home groups, there were differing coordinator roles: technology, art and landscape, building and team leaders, giving each student a chance to take responsibility for an area at the same time collaborating with others to complete their section. Additionally, there was much research, critical thinking, negotiation and problem solving that needed to occur to see the city come together.

Liveability was a huge factor that the students had to think about. Could the airport fly planes over the residential section? What did a hospital have to be close by to? Traffic, pollution, power supply, crime – even city rodents! – had to be considered. Neighbouring edges of the boards were discussed and negotiated to ensure harmony between sections.

“The girls were so enthusiastic for learning,” Eric Ryan, Head of Humanities, said about the week. “I can’t think of any other school project based activity involving over 200 students!”

It took the best of six months’ dedicated preparation by staff across many faculties, including Maths, Science, Technology, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Art and Humanities, headed up by MLC’s Director of Learning and Curriculum, Alma Tooke.

“We certainly can’t do a project like this without all faculties on board,” Eric said. Teachers from across the College were on hand to guide the students and provide the tools they needed.”

The city was on display for a week, with Year 7 parents viewing the project when at the College for Celebration Evening. The students included incredible detail, with multiple viewings needed in order to notice everything!

“It was very exciting to talk to the students during the week and to see their enthusiasm and creativity,” says Diana Vernon, Principal. “It has also been fascinating to hear them talk about how much they learnt about collaborating and working with others. And, of course, the final product was amazing!”

Please enjoy this video, truly showcasing what an outstanding project this was!

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