August 25, 2020
By now, you’ve probably got cooking covered, spent plenty of time with Netflix or a good book, and maybe a puzzle or five… But have you been to the Aquarium lately? Melbourne Aquarium has recently published a series of ‘Marine Mindfulness’ videos fit for our isolation activities; There are guided meditations, underwater yoga and even some ‘slow TV’ videos!

Marine Mindfulness; Guided Meditation

If you haven’t yet tried guided meditation, it’s a great way to relax stress in your body and clear your mind. These guided meditations from Melbourne Museum utilise the calming visuals of jellyfish floating through water and fish gliding through their tanks as the backdrop for a deeply relaxing meditation. Take 10 minutes out of your day to give it a try and see the results for yourself.



Slow TV

What’s Slow TV you ask? Slow TV is a calming combination of easy-to-watch visuals and soothing music, designed to bring relaxation to your everyday activities. Try having it play in the background while you’re cooking or doing a puzzle, or let it soothe you into a sleepy Sunday nap.


Underwater Yoga

This is yoga like you’ve never tried before! Downward dog with the manta rays and cat/cow with the catfish in this yoga class that’s equal parts pretty and challenging.


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