March 02, 2020
From Diana Vernon, Principal

As I have previously reported, during the challenging summer bushfire season, our Marshmead campus has hosted teams of DELWP (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning) as well as a CFA crew as they worked hard to tackle the fires in local wilderness areas and prepare the land to minimise the spread and the damage.  Additionally, we were pleased to welcome staff from Zoos Victoria as they rescued endangered Eastern Bristlebirds from their habitat to the south of the Marshmead campus.  

We are incredibly appreciative of our dedicated MLC Marshmead colleagues who, have been working on campus to support the DELWP teams during January and into February.  Our MLC Marshmead colleagues were able to return to their homes on site over the weekend of 15th February and have since been revising and preparing the program for our students in Terms 2, 3 and 4.    

Recently, I was delighted to be able to visit Marshmead with my colleagues, Mark Gray, Vice Principal, and Mark Loveday, Director of Education Outdoors, and spend some time with our MLC Marshmead colleagues. 

In early February, the whole area enjoyed considerable rain, which has prompted lush grass growth that the cattle and other animals are now particularly enjoying. Whilst the Marshmead property remained safe, sadly the surrounding landscape bears the scars of fire.  It is, however, inspiring to see emerald fern fronds sprouting and vivid green epicormic growth enveloping the trunks of charred eucalypts. 

View of the Marshmead property, with evidence of fire damage on the far hills: 


Concerningly, there are still some fires burning in the nearby Cape Howe Wilderness Zone and we will see a crew from DELWP return to Marshmead, later this week, in an attempt to reduce the fire spread in the Howe Range and Lake Barracoota area (east of Marshmead) 

We are much looking forward to the rain forecast for later this week.

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