May 15, 2020
Grieving about the old ways of life, what we’ve missed, and learning about what we have gained while adapting to the “new normal” and ongoing changes.

There have been such rapid changes in the last two months of everyone’s life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been instructed to stay at home, cancelled all our usual and regular sporting events and activities, are unable to see our extended families and friends, which would have thrown us all into a very unfamiliar way of living.

We might have started to think and feel about missing the time we had, people we see each day and things we used to be able to do, such as playing in the band with our friends, competing in the sport games, visiting your grandparents, or just hanging out with our friends on a weekend! This luckily is all changing again with the ease of restrictions announced this week.


I keep thinking about the last normal day I had, and how at the time, I didn’t even know I was having it.

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With the ongoing changes of situations, it is important for us to focus on being grateful. Studies have shown that practice of being grateful links with numerous physical and emotional benefits. Therefore as much as we feel the loss of so many things that we had and were able to do daily previously, it is important to simply recognise and appreciate the small things and acknowledge all that we do have.

Like being able to slow down a bit more, notice the colourful leaves during your walk, being able to do the things you’ve always planned to do but had no time to do, being able to sleep in a bit more each day, or being able to wear trackies to “attend” school each day! Also feeling grateful about what our government has done in managing the pandemic and people’s life the best they can, so now we can slowly ease back to friends, school, work and activities.

I wonder what has the current situation made you feel grateful for? What have you noticed you have gained from the current situation? Consider start keeping your own gratitude journal, or remind yourself each day of all the things you already have.

Written by the MLC Counselling Team

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