April 15, 2020
With more time on your hands to spend at home, why not venture into your kitchen and cook up a culinary feast that transports you to the bustling streets of India or the beautiful beaches of Thailand? Impress your family with a meal that tastes even better than your local takeaway, with these 5 world recipes you can cook up tonight.

Authentic Italian Pizza

There’s no barbecue meat lovers or Hawaiian ham and pineapple to be found here. True Italian pizza relies on a few things; quality, fresh ingredients and a homemade dough. It’s simpler than you think! Try out this recipe and you might just fool your family into thinking they’re visiting a restaurant in Naples for the night.


The Best Butter Chicken Curry

If your idea of Butter Chicken comes from a sauce jar, then this video will not only teach you the value of cooking a delicious curry from scratch, but you might also be surprised at the ingredients used to achieve the flavour. Rather than using generous lashings of butter and cream, cashew nuts make up for the majority of this dish’s creamy flavour and texture. Intrigued? Click play below.

Real Greek Moussaka

Ok, this may not be a truly authentic moussaka recipe, but that’s because it’s been improved with some healthier hacks, like baking the eggplant instead of frying it. The result? The same rich, creamy, delicious moussaka you could expect from a restaurant in Santorini… just minus the excess oil dripping from your chin.

Spicy, Smoky Nigerian Jollof Rice

How can you make plain old boring rice better? With a rich, tomatoey, chilli-kicking sauce from Nigeria. Jollof rice is something of a celebratory party food, and makes a great accompaniment to fried plantains or the African curry of your choice. So, set your stovetop to simmer and gather the family for this African feast you’re about to cook up.

Follow along with the video using this recipe.

Authentic Thai Tom Yum Soup

If you think it’s too hard to make authentic Thai food at home, the Hot Thai Kitchen channel will change your mind. This recipe is perfect for self-isolation, as you can choose your difficulty; dive right in and make fish stock from scratch, or just grab your ready-made stock from the grocery store. You’ll need to head to your local Asian grocer for a few specialty ingredients, but the flavour you’ll create is worth the extra effort.

Which recipe are you excited to try?

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