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Student wellbeing is integral to the learning process and at Methodist Ladies' College, student wellbeing is a priority.

We take an active role in fostering intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellbeing for each and every MLC student. We recognise that students who are well and optimistic are able to engage more fully with life and flourish academically, socially and personally.

Our wellbeing program has been designed to encourage each student to participate, become part of a team and realise her full potential.

Across each of MLC’s four schools, every student has a designated teacher who is directly responsible for her wellbeing. Together with other key wellbeing staff, this teacher acts as a focal point across a larger network of support staff for students. He or she regularly monitors the learning and the wellbeing of students through direct contact, regular feedback from class teachers and communication with parents and guardians.

The wellbeing structure in each school varies to cater for the developmental needs of each age group. Services offered by the College Nurses, Student Counsellors, International Student Co-ordinator and Chaplains, are available to MLC students and their families and are an intrinsic part of the support network.

Our commitment to student wellbeing underlies all our programs, our curriculum and co-curricular activities. We believe that success does not only come from having the confidence to achieve academically. It comes from developing each student’s emotional intelligence, her resilience, confidence and compassion for others.

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At MLC I’ve learnt how to stay optimistic and to concentrate on the positives. I’ve learnt that life has ups and downs, and to accept that sometimes things just don’t change. It’s important not to always envision the worst possible scenario and to keep things in perspective. Bridget, Year 6 student

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