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The MLC Music Academy offers students a great choice in musical instruments. Find out more below:

The MLC Music Academy offers students a great choice in musical instruments. Beside the ever popular choices of piano and violin, we offer practical music lessons on a large variety of different instruments ranging from string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.

We also provide tuition in singing in a number of different styles and at different levels. We cater for a wide variety of students from very young or adult beginners to very advanced students. Our highly trained and professional instructors methodically develop practical and technical skills with the students and alongside this help develop the student’s aural capabilities and theoretical understanding.

Many of our skilled instructors have a thorough understanding of the requirements for orchestra and ensemble programs in schools and can help individual students play their part in their school programs.

At the MLC Music Academy we strive to promote performance opportunities for students and the staff regularly hold concerts and soirees for their students throughout the year.


he MLC Music Academy provides many opportunities for students to undertake tuition through Suzuki Education. These music lessons are particularly suited to very young children and require that a parent or caregiver/s is involved in the tuition process. Parent participation is fundamental to this method and they are required to undertake the role of home teacher.

The Suzuki program is well structured entailing weekly lessons provided for the student, and the regular implementation of home lessons with the parent reflecting the work covered in the lessons.

In additional to the private lessons, group classes are also offered (wherever possible) as an intrinsic component of the Suzuki learning method. These are usually arranged fortnightly.

Group classes are an essential feature of the Suzuki education philosophy. They provide the opportunity to refine technique, review repertoire and motivate students in a supportive atmosphere. The groups range from Twinkles to more advanced book levels and as such are open to all Suzuki violin students.

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