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The study of English is an integral part of every student's learning at Methodist Ladies' College. We aim to make each student's experience of language and literature stimulating and enjoyable while ensuring they build the high level literacy skills required to communicate and participate fully in 21st century society.

We value creativity of expression and scholarly exploration of print text, film text, oral text and multimedia. We foster critical thinking, reflective and autonomous learning, confidence and the development of a strong sense of personal voice. The unique online learning initiatives at MLC enable students to learn independently in new and exciting ways. We aim to instil a sense of passion for the English language and help students develop an appreciation for the ways in which stories help us to understand ourselves, the world and our place within it.

Specialised curriculum areas include:

1990 was the year MLC achieved international acclaim for becoming the first school in the world to introduce a 1:1 laptop program.

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