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Secondary school is the beginning of an exciting learning journey full of wonderful opportunities. Junior Secondary School at Methodist Ladies' College has a learning environment specifically designed to be welcoming and inclusive.

Years 7 and 8 students and their teachers work together to develop a safe, caring and nurturing environment that promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem. The aim is to foster independence, collaboration and a lifelong love of learning. The atmosphere of mutual respect and positive relationships allows each student the opportunity to embrace learning.

Junior Secondary School is structured around a well-developed understanding of the unique social, emotional, cognitive and physical development that students experience at this stage of their life, and the importance of providing an engaging and vibrant culture of learning. Our teachers are committed to the individual learning needs of students and provide programs designed to challenge, nurture and extend student development.

Junior Secondary School features purpose-built learning centres, a range of academic and co-curricular programs, leadership opportunities, excellent facilities and resources contributing to a stimulating and varied learning environment.

Transition was quite exciting! Each Year 7 class has three Year 11 ‘Big Sisters’. Ours wrote us all welcome letters and came to say hi. My Home Group teacher was really cheerful and really made me feel at home here. Stella, Year 7 student

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