2018 Graduating Gift

The Gift of Education

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Your gift to the Scholarship Fund will provide students with access to an MLC education, filled with opportunities, choices and a curiosity for learning that will carry them well beyond the school gates.

Scholarship Fund

The gift of education through a scholarship can change and inspire the lives of outstanding students. A gift of this nature can assist in attracting and rewarding high-achieving students, recognising the attributes of well-rounded students, assisting students with extraordinary ability in a specific area, or helping students who would otherwise be unable to attend MLC.

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Jasmine Zhu (2012)


Receiving a scholarship to study at MLC allowed me to have a wonderful educational experience that I otherwise would not have had. I had access to fantastic teachers, exciting student programs and an enormous array of extra-curricular activities.

The lessons that I learnt at MLC about trying to be kind and respectful towards others, working hard and being true to oneself have remained with me ever since I left school.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the MLC Scholarship Fund. Your generosity has had an enormous impact on my life and I am so grateful.

Miranda Gronow (2011)

Postgraduate Study in Archaeology, University of Oxford

As a twelve-year old, receiving a scholarship to MLC felt like a huge vote of confidence in my abilities. It really gave me the drive to excel and to repay the investment made in me.

My time at MLC imbued me with a strong work ethic, a rigorous research practice, curiosity, and a sense of service – skills that are essential to my professional and academic life today.

Layce Vocale (2007)

Senior Consultant, PwC

I still remember how nervous I was walking into the MLC boarding house, unaware of the impact that this magical place would have on me and my future.

Receiving an Indigenous scholarship to study at MLC opened so many doors on my journey throughout university, work and in my extracurricular activities.

I could not be more thankful to the generous people who gave me the opportunity to attend MLC and shape my future, as a strong, independent and happy woman.

Thank you to our 2017 donors