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At Methodist Ladies' College (MLC) we welcome students from many different cultures, religions and backgrounds. Our values both support and celebrate diversity and the global perspectives that each student brings to our community.

We enjoy a reputation for being one of Australia’s most innovative and successful schools and regularly attract students from Asia, the Pacific Islands, North and South America and Europe.

Our international students find MLC to be an enriching and supportive environment and often comment on the atmosphere of belonging that they experience.

We have translated some key information about various aspects of MLC into several different languages. Please see the below links for more information.

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There are many questions you may have and we encourage you to read our Prospectus and contact MLC Admissions at or on +61 3 9274 6316. MLC Admissions can help you with visa, passport, guardian and health insurance matters.

I have made some lifelong friends of all ages in the MLC Boarding House. It’s been great to get to know other girls from all over the country and around the world. Lucy, MLC boarder, Year 11

Supporting our international students

The International Department at MLC comprehensively supports the social, academic and administrative needs of our international students.

All international students have access to a range of support facilities including:

  • MLC's International Student Advisor, who monitors all aspects of student welfare, including academic progress, and provides opportunities for international students to become active members of the College community.
  • MLC Admissions, who help with visa, passport, guardian and health insurance matters.
  • MLC Careers Counsellors, who work closely with international students and their teachers in subject choice, career advice and university entrance.

Parents receive regular reports on academic progress, welfare and other matters, and regular contact with students’ welfare guardians is maintained.

How to enrol

This enrolment information is relevant to students with an international background, including students from schools outside Australia and is not determined by the residential status of the student.

In order to study at MLC, international students need:

  • A completed online Application for Admission
  • Registration fee of $100 for one applicant of $150 for a family where two or more applications are submitted at the same time
  • Copy of latest school report
  • Results of AEAS Testing (where English is not the student’s first language)
  • A welfare guardian selected by, and known to, the student’s parents if the parents are residing overseas
  • Approved accommodation, either living with parent/s, in the MLC Boarding House, a College-approved homestay or with a welfare guardian.

Apply Online

We encourage you to move quickly through the enrolment process so your daughter’s place at MLC can be confirmed. Students are offered places according to the date we receive the online Application for Admission and a family connection to the College. Unfortunately, we are not always able to accommodate late enrolment requests however we encourage you to contact MLC Admissions to check our vacancies.

English as an Additional Language

All students who do not have English as their first language are required to sit an English Language Assessment Test provided by the Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS). The enrolment can only be processed after the results of this test have been forwarded to MLC.

MLC has minimum requirements for EAL to proceed with enrolment. Further information is available from MLC Admissions.

Student visa and overseas health cover

After acceptance of a place, MLC will issue the documentation required for students to obtain a student visa and organise overseas student health cover if necessary. This visa will be issued for the length of the course of schooling.

Homestay and welfare guardianship

Many international students studying at MLC have relatives in Melbourne who can assist with accommodation and guardianship. The most popular forms of accommodation are the MLC Boarding House or homestay arrangements that provide a welcoming home life and appropriate levels of adult care and supervision. Please contact MLC Admissions for suitable homestay company recommendations.

The College requires each international student to have a welfare guardian to represent the family while the student is studying in Melbourne, and to provide personal and practical support away from the College. The welfare guardian is appointed by the parents and is preferably known to them. The welfare guardian is expected to take a personal interest in all aspects of the student's welfare. If a problem arises, the welfare guardian is the first point of contact. For this reason, we ask that welfare guardians be over 21 years of age and be comfortable conversing in English. Where families are unable to nominate a suitable welfare guardian, the College can recommend professional companies if requested.

Associated Documents

Our partnership with the University of Melbourne

The Melbourne Schools Partnership International (MSPI) is a unique alliance between the University of Melbourne and selected schools including MLC. Each year, the Program assists MLC to support our high calibre international students through:

  • Targeted on campus academic activities at the University
  • Sponsorship of school based scholarly prizes for top achieving international students
  • Provision of tailored University course information to assist international students in their application for the University of Melbourne following their Year 12 studies.

The Australian Year 12 Program taught by all MSPI schools is a recognised study pathway for application into the University of Melbourne.

For more information visit Melbourne Schools Partnership International.

Boarding at MLC

Please visit our Boarding section for all details regarding MLC’s Boarding House.

16 students were enrolled at MLC on the day the school opened: 14 February 1882.

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