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Understandably, students and parents have many questions about life as a boarder at Methodist Ladies' College. While you may find answers to many of these below, we welcome your individual queries. Please contact MLC Admissions.

Boarding has turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my life and I would not change it for anything. Wei Jai, MLC boarder

How many girls are in each room?

Boarders in Years 7 – 11 share a room with 1 or 2 other girls in the same year level and change rooms at the end of each term. The year level tutor will consult with students towards the end of each term and provide students with the opportunity to submit preferences regarding who they would like to share a room with. The year level tutor will then consider these preferences as well as individual study and sleeping habits when allocating rooms for the following term.

How many boarders are there at MLC and where do most boarders come from?

MLC’s Boarding House is home to approximately 120 boarders from regional and rural Australia and a variety of overseas nations. We are a diverse community and encourage students to develop an internationally-minded perspective. 

What is the academic performance of MLC boarders?

On average, boarders achieve a higher average than day students. Boarders benefit from homework and study sessions that are supervised by experienced tutors who maintain close contact with day school teachers.

What is the structure of study?

On weekday evenings, boarders have time allocated for homework (or ‘prep’ as we call it). The sessions are supervised by tutors who offer guidance and support when needed. The first prep session commences at 5 pm, after which boarders have dinner and then return to their studies for a second prep session.

What co-curricular activities are available to boarders?

Boarders are able to participate in any co-curricular activity offered to day school students. In addition, the Boarding House offers a range of co-curricular activities just for boarders. These may be provided either on or off campus, and include activities such as table tennis, netball, cooking, a sessional sport program and the annual Boarders’ Play.

Are boarders allowed out on the weekend?

With permission from their parents/guardians students are able to leave the Boarding House during set times. All students are required to sign out at the Staff Office.

Are scholarships available for boarders?

Yes, we have specific boarding scholarships each year and boarders are invited to apply for day school scholarships as well. Please visit our scholarships page or contact MLC Admissions on +61 3 9274 6316 for more information.

2100 students currently attend MLC, from MLC Kindle through to Year 12.

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