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MLC has a well earned reputation as an innovator in the use of technology to enhance learning. The College was the first school in the world to introduce a one-to-one laptop program for students, in 1990.

Today, MLC believes the effective integration of technology in learning is a core element of 21st century teaching and learning.

From Prep – Year 2, each student has her own iPad and from Year 3, each student is supplied with a notebook computer. From then on, students in Years 5, 7, 9 and 11 are given new notebook computers in a school owned, mandated program that ensures students are using the latest in mobile computing technology.

Enhanced Learning

The College is connected through a huge range of online learning tools, resources and media collections. This is supported by a College-wide student and staff intranet wireless network, and teachers continually look for opportunities to meaningfully embed technology in learning.

Touchscreens and Styluses

All notebooks have touchscreen and stylus pen capabilities; this multimodal input method supports increasing research into the learning benefits of writing rather than typing, particularly in formative feedback to students and the ability to be more creative with this tool.


The MLC Centre for Computing and Communications (CCC) is our comprehensive on-campus centre available to students and staff for laptop and computer support. Hardware and software issues can be resolved onsite, often on the same day.

The Right Technology

Many considerations are taken into account when choosing the new technology, such as being lightweight and robust, the processing power, connection ports – and importantly, being serviceable and strong support structure from manufacturers. With our long and respected reputation of using computing technology, vendors are keen to partner with the College; therefore, we have the benefit of choosing the most appropriate tools for specific purposes.

Technology Safety

Teaching and learning strategies needs to continue to adapt to students who have grown up with ubiquitous online access in a connected world. MLC’s unique Online Safety and Ethics Program (OSE) supports students to use technology safely, and aims to raise student awareness, understanding and skill levels in working and socialising online.

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