MLC has a proud tradition of giving back to the community. Students across every part of the College work together to support those in need through House activities and Home Group events.

community-service.jpgThe College recognises the immense personal learning that students experience through their involvement in supporting local, national and international welfare and other not-for-profit organisations.
At MLC, each sub-school supports a different international, education-focused community. These include:
  • Junior School – KOTO (Know One, Teach One), Vietnam and Loreto, Vietnam
  • Junior Secondary School – Currently investigating future opportunities in Vietnam
  • Middle School – The School of St Jude, Tanzania
  • Senior School – Hands Across the Water, Thailand

Other initiatives include House fundraising activities, Middle School Community Service and IB CAS (Years 11 and 12). 

These and many other community service initiatives reflect a significant number of volunteer hours dedicated by students and staff; they provide invaluable learning experiences and nurture a shared sense of global citizenship. The incredible fundraising and social service results achieved each year reflect MLC students’ heartfelt commitment to helping others, and to making a positive and tangible impact upon the world in which we live.

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