March 24, 2017

Miranda Brown (1992) says it was “always a given” that she would send her two children, Georgie (Year 2) and Colby (MLC Kindle) to MLC.

“As a student in the 1980s and 1990s I loved all the opportunities that MLC offered. Both my children started at MLC Kindle and their journey to date has been exceptional. For Georgie in particular to carry on our family tradition and enjoy all the choices available to students at MLC, I don’t think there is a better school.”

Miranda is part of a truly intergenerational MLC family. Her mother, Meryl Galloway (Holdsworth 1961) attended MLC in the 1950s and 1960s, her grandmother, Marjorie Holdsworth (Wright 1931) attended MLC in the 1920s and 30s and her aunt Robyn Williams (Holdsworth 1969) and sister Trephina Galloway (1990) were also MLC students.

“There’s something special about being educated in the same school as other women in your family, especially when the experience has been so positive across different generations,” says Meryl.

“I remember feeling a connection to the College even before I started, simply because my mother had been an MLC student before me. In fact my Year 5 classroom was the same one as my mother had been taught in. That meant a great deal to me.”

Interestingly, the Brown/Galloway women were all in different Houses during their time at the College.

Meryl was in Fitchett yet her mother was in Krome. Meanwhile, when Miranda and Trephina started at MLC they joined Cato.

“My sister negotiated hard on this – she really wanted to be in blue house, not yellow,’” says Miranda. “It was a decision that backfired in a way, because Fitchett won absolutely everything when we were students!”

There are other differences in school experiences across this family’s MLC journey.

“Technology in education represents a huge shift. Email and the internet were foreign concepts when I was at school, and only students doing particular subjects in Years 11 and 12 used computers. By contrast Georgie has had her own iPad since Prep!”

“I remember going off to swimming sports at the former State Swimming Centre in Batman Avenue while Mum did all her swimming on campus in the school pool,” adds Miranda.

The MLC learning environment has evolved too. Meryl saw the Assembly Hall built during her school days, while the PEC was constructed while Miranda was a student.

Yet despite the generational differences, so many experiences of MLC are constant.

“Our teachers, in particular, were amazing,” says Meryl, and Miranda agrees.

“My teachers were also incredible – so dedicated. Now, I see the same professionalism and commitment from Georgie’s teachers in MLC’s Junior School. Fantastic teachers seem to be a hallmark of the MLC experience.”

Both women feel strongly that MLC prepared them successfully for life beyond the school gates.

“MLC really taught me how to think, and how to challenge myself. The curriculum was broad even in the 1950s, with many students choosing to go into the Business School,” says Meryl, who enjoyed a career as a mothercraft nurse before marrying (in Fitchett Chapel), having children and then working with The Salvation Army later in life. Miranda’s varied study and career path includes an honours degree in health science as well as many years working in the travel industry.

Meryl still sees others from the Class of 1961 and both she and Miranda value the enduring friendships they forged during their school days.

“I actually went to kinder at MLC with one of the other current Year 2 parents, and I see friends from the Class of 1992 regularly,” says Miranda.

For seven-year-old Georgie, her friendships with Year 2 classmates, lunchtimes spent on the monkey bars in the new Junior School playground and after school sessions in the MLC Gymnastics Club are current highlights.

“I want to be an Olympian and a gymnastics coach when I grow up,” she says proudly.

Four-year-old Colby loves his days in MLC Kindle’s 4 year old Dolphin Class.

“I love playing with my friends and with Lego,” he says shyly.

“Being able to send Colby to MLC, even just for kinder, is fantastic. I love that he can be part of our shared family experience even though he’s a boy,” says Miranda.

Yet for this intergenerational family, an MLC education is about more than just tradition says Miranda.

“MLC is a school where every student is given the chance to shine. Whether you’re a maths whiz, love playing sport or have dreams of working in hospitality, MLC gives you the skills for success in a changing world.”

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