At MLC we understand that everyone can lead, and that leadership can be developed in all who seek it.

Knowing that each student has different strengths and aspirations, we offer a number of diverse and meaningful leadership opportunities. The MLC leadership journey is characterised by choice, support and specialised leadership roles that prepare students to become world-ready women.

We encourage early foundations for leadership. Students from Year 3 has encouraged to apply for an array of leadership positions covering either classroom-based or co-curricular responsibilities, and Year 6 students will each be given a leadership role over the course of the year. Leadership opportunities also exist for students at the College's remote sites, MLC Marshmead and MLC Banksia.

These roles create a positive experience where students can discover their leadership potential in a supportive environment, building confidence and developing their skillset. By working alongside peers and staff in a position of responsibility, students are encouraged to co-operate with one another, improve their communication skills and learn to lead in an effective and organised manner.

During their time at MLC, students have the opportunity to be considered for over 1,500 leadership positions in a range of areas. Whether a student is interested in house activities, volunteering in the community, driving change, advocating sustainable habits or paving the way in technological innovation - MLC provides opportunities to lead and make a meaningful contribution.

In Years 7 and 8, students are provided with plentiful opportunity to engage in leadership roles. Each position has specific responsibilities, enabling students to discover a role that aligns with their interests.

As Home Group Captain, some of the responsibilities include supervising the physical environment of the Home Group and working alongside the Home Group Teacher to acknowledge fellow students' achievements and birthdays. The Social Service Captain lead their class in their charity or project of choice, organising fundraising activities and managing the finances.

The Sustainability Officer promotes environmental sustainability awareness within the JSS and the larger MLC community; the Startekker provides IT leadership and promotes positive social media. The Faith and Worship Captain discusses the themes for Chapels and Assemblies with the Chaplain and assists in the preparation of Chapel Services.

Other leadership roles include House Debating Captain, House Sport Captain, House Athletic Captain and House Music Captain.

Students can also become a member of the JSS Student Representative Council, representing students' ideas and concerns at fortnightly SRC meetings; or a SRC Executive Member, where tasks include the co-ordination of the SRC and chairing meetings, as well as providing regular reports at JSS assemblies on their progress.