As we celebrate MLC's 135th birthday, we look back on seleceted 'education generations'. While much has changed at MLC across its 135 year history, core values around innovation in education, celerating diverstiy and contributing to the wider community remain constant features of College life.



MLC was only five years old and its 220 students came from all over Australia and from Fiji and NZ. There were 28 teachers. Rev Dr William Henry Fitchett was the 'President' (Principal). The varied curriculum included serveral maths and sciences, languages, history, literature and scripture. Music, dressmaking, elocation and art were also offered. There was no set uniform but girls wore a blue satin ribbon embroidered with a dove carrying an olive branch.



With more than 700 students, MLC was the largest girls' independent school in Victoria. Rev Dr Fitchett was still Principal although he died the following year and Rev John Grove took on the role. New facilities including a Business School (Fitchett Hall, 1917) and Domestic Science building (1926, now The Language Centre) provided increased curriculum opportunities. Old Collegians enjoyed their newly-opened Club Rooms in the Nicholas Building on Swanston Street.



MLC's student population had risen to its current level of more than 2000 students. Rev Ron AW Woodgate was MLC's new principal, replacing Rev Dr Harold Wood (Principal 1939 - 1966). The curriculum continued to expand, particularly for Matriculation (Year 12) and a massive building program had created much of the campus we know today. The all-grey uniform (with green and white summer dress) remained unchanged from 1937.



The MLC structure of four separate schools had been introduced in 1982. Rosa Storelli was appointed MLC's first female principal, succeeding David Loader (1979 - 1996). Technology expanded at a rapid pace throughout the school, seven years after the introduction of laptops, and MLC Marshmead celebrated its sixth anniversary.



As MLC turns 135, its student population is 2,316. Diana Vernon is Principal. Margaret Horton is Senior Vice Principal and Mark Gray is Vice Principal. Students continue to benefit from one of Australia's broadest curricula which includes the VCE, VCE VET, and the IB program (introduced in 1999). The College's longstanding commitment to diversity and internationalism remain strong. Students enjoy an expanded education outdoors program: MLC Banksia (opened 2003) for Year 5 - 8 students, and the MLC Marshmead redevelopment was completed in 2011. MLC's youngest students have benefitted from a vibrant junior curriculum and purpose-built facilities including MLC Kindle (2000), Prep - Year 2 building (2002) and Junior School (2007). The current uniform was introduced in 2002.