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The MLC Old Collegians’ Club (OCC) was established in 1904 to foster ongoing relationships between all Old Collegians and between Old Collegians and the College.

President's Message
As past students of MLC, we are fortunate to be members of a diverse and valuable community.  MLC Old Collegians occupy all walks of life, all parts of the globe and all stages of life while sharing a common experience of an education at MLC. 

Some years ago, I was looking for female role models in leadership positions.  With this in mind, I attended an MLC OCC Networking Breakfast. Well, I found female leadership in abundance and became more and more involved, being impressed by the breadth and depth of female leadership and collegiality at all stages of life within MLC OCC.

I am delighted to take on the role of MLC OCC President and to have the opportunity to build on the amazing work of those who have come before me. In recent years, a number of OCC projects have come to fruition thanks to the vision and hard work of recent Councils. We adopted a new constitution (in 2017), which stands us in good stead for the years ahead.

We launched our Old Collegians Fellowship Grant and our very worthy first recipient enthralled us with stories of her endeavours at our inaugural International Women’s Day Event. Only months earlier, we celebrated our inaugural Young Alumnae Event, targeting the needs of our younger members. To better engage with our vast membership, we have also launched a new Facebook page and quarterly email newsletters.  I encourage you to follow us on Facebook and register your email address with us via occ@mlc.vic.edu.au to receive our email newsletters. 

MLC OCC is a strong and vibrant community. I warmly invite you to engage with us as we support and celebrate our individual and collective endeavours and achievements and as we contribute to the growth and development of the communities important to us.

Kind regards,
Anne Turner (1988),

Our OCC Patrons

Past OCC Patron Fran Keller (Woolhouse 1948, deceased) and Current OCC Patron Anne Scott OAM (Simpson 1957) 

In 2018, MLC’s Old Collegians Club was thrilled to announce the appointment of Patrons Fran Keller (Woolhouse 1948, deceased) and Anne Scott OAM (Simpson 1957).

OCC Patrons hold a special position within the MLC community, acting as ambassadors for the College and its alumnae, wherever in the world they are located.

A teacher at MLC from 1973 – 1990, Fran Keller (Woolhouse 1948, deceased) touched the lives of many students, particularly in her role as the inaugural Head of MLC’s Junior Secondary School, to which she was appointed when MLC’s four schools were established by former Principal, David Loader.

As a student, Fran boarded at MLC during the 1940s, while her daughter attended the College during the years she was on the school’s teaching staff. Fran joined the Old Collegians’ Club when she finished her secondary education and served as President in 1986.

Anne Scott OAM (Simpson 1957) attended MLC from the age of six until she completed her Leaving Certificate. Her daughter and granddaughter are also past students. Anne served on the OCC Council for almost 20 years, including as its President from 2009 – 2010.

Anne says her long history of community contribution – beyond MLC she has made an enormous impact on the Girl Guides Association/Guides Australia, International Guiding, The Order of Australia Association and Rotary International – reflects the life lessons taught at MLC and Dr Wood’s famous reminder that “from those to whom much is given, much will be required.”

In Honour of Immediate Past OCC Patron Fran Keller (Woolhouse 1948)

The President, Council and members of the Old Collegians’ Club, acknowledge with enormous sadness the passing of Fran Keller on 22 May, 2020.

Fran will be remembered by many as a past student, MLC teacher, Head of Junior Secondary School, past parent, President of the OCC, Patron of the OCC and friend to all.

As a Patron, Fran took an enormous interest in all aspects of the Old Collegian’s Club, supporting its activities over many years. Sincere condolences to Fran’s family, as we give thanks for an exceptional life well lived.

For me, an MLC education opened doors - not simply in exposure to different activities and experiences, but in the way the ethos of the College and its teachers encouraged me to set my sights high and understand the work it would take to get there.
Eleanor Brown (Class of 2008)