Have you considered being a Stakeholder Member or a Director of MLC?

I would like to invite members of the MLC Community to express their interest in becoming either a volunteer Stakeholder Member or Board Director of the College.

Becoming a Stakeholder Member or Director is an exciting opportunity for you to engage in the Governance and strategic direction of the College as we pursue our vision, ensuring an MLC education inspires our students to be the citizens the world needs.

We are particularly interested in seeking nominations from those with a background in Education or Mental Health and Wellbeing.


Under the MLC Constitution, the membership of the College consists of 20 persons, including 10 Stakeholder Members, 9 Ordinary Directors and The Chair of the Board.

Members can be:

  • Parent Members (parent or guardian of a student at the College at the time of application)

  • Alumna Members (a former student of the College)

  • Additional Stakeholder Members (parent, guardian, alumni, or person with a connection to the College)

Please see the MLC Constitution for further details – located on the MLC website under Governance.


The Constitution has provisions that require regular renewal of all positions (effectively an equal number each year). The following positions are open for nomination for 2022, all with three-year terms commencing January 2022:

  • 3 Ordinary Directors

  • 1 Parent Member

  • 1 Alumna Member

  • 2 Additional Stakeholder Member

Please see further details in the Constitution, Clause 11. Existing members whose terms have expired are eligible to re-nominate in accordance with the Constitution. One of the three directors with terms ending has indicated that they will re-nominate for the Board.

Director Nominations sought

We are always pleased to receive a range of nominations and welcome all parties interested in applying.  Following an updated review of the Board’s skills and noting the rotations that might apply, we would be particularly encouraging candidates for the director roles with experience in either the education or mental health and wellbeing sectors.

Education: MLC has evolved and adapted to remain at the forefront of education since 1882.  The current environment and challenges present exciting opportunities for MLC.  If you have experience in the education sector, this is likely to be an opportunity for you to engage and to give back to the sector.  Whilst the transition of students to tertiary is relevant, we would be particularly pleased to hear from those who might have direct exposure in the K-12 school sector.

Health and Wellbeing:  The challenges of the pandemic have resulted in significant wellbeing issues presenting worldwide for people of all ages, particularly for young people and the staff supporting them.  Mental health and wellbeing support is an essential aspect of the MLC experience.  Those with experience in this sector would be encouraged to nominate to contribute strategically to the College’s focus in this space.

Director roles are not operational and present an opportunity to engage strategically. Therefore, experience as a director and AICD qualifications are not a requirement.

The Process for Nomination

To nominate, please complete the nomination form located below, indicating the category of membership (Stakeholder Member or Director) you are applying for (can be more than one). Please include:

  • Your completed nomination form;

  • A one/two-page curriculum vitae outlining your Connection with the College. In addition, for Director nominees, please outline the skills, experience, qualifications and personal characteristics you would bring to the Board.

Nomination Form

Please submit these documents via email to the Nominations Committee via mlcboard@mlc.vic.edu.au by Friday, 8 October 2021.

All submissions will be acknowledged and treated in confidence.

The Nominations Committee will consider all nominations in advance of the College Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to be held in November 2021.

Commitment required

All Member positions (i.e. both Directors and Stakeholder Members) are honorary.

Members are required to attend and participate in the General Meetings of the Company. There are usually two General Meetings a year, held in March and November.

Board members (Directors) are required to attend at least two Board meetings each term, with other ad-hoc meetings as needed. Thus, there would be an expectation of at least eight meetings for the year at a minimum.

Directors and Stakeholder Members will have the opportunity to give further time in support of the College, and this includes support of the philanthropic work of the MLC Foundation. The Board also has several Committees that meet between Board meetings, and Directors will be invited to sit on at least one Committee. Support from Stakeholder Members is invited on the Foundation Committee and Nominations Committee.

Being a Director of any organisation, including MLC, is an important undertaking with personal responsibilities and obligations at law. Nominees should seek professional advice if they are uncertain as to what these obligations are.

It is a requirement for all Members to have a valid Working with Children Check. In addition, in line with MLC’s various registrations, Directors will need to undertake a Police Check.

Please refer to the Governance pages for more information, including the MLC Consitution.

Simon Martin,
Chair, MLC Board of Directors