Sarah Woolley was an MLC Old Collegian and the parent of an Old Collegian (Class of 2018). Sarah sadly passed away in early 2020. We remember her here, through the words of encouragement and promise spoken to the entire graduating class of 2018 at their Valedictory Dinner.

Rest in Peace, Sarah.

2018 Valedictory Poem

Do you believe you’re really here – your Valedictory?
You are the two-thou-sand-and-eight-een class of MLC.
The last six years, where have they gone? My goodness how time flies!
From little girls to young ladies, you’ve grown before our eyes.
We come together on this special night to say goodbye,
to celebrate, to reminisce, to laugh - and maybe cry.
I look around the room and see daughters, heads of school,
teachers, parents, sup-port staff – a large and varied pool
of different cultures, re-li-gions, backgrounds, language, race;
one thing we really know ‘at MLC you found your place’.
I see you year 12 girls who are so beautiful and strong,
with confidence and thoughtfulness; you know your right from wrong,
with resilience, a sense of fun, and equality;
important values for your lives - all taught at MLC.
For as well as formal education that you girls are taught,
like English, Maths, Psychology, Science, French and Sport,
you’ve learned so many other skills – important things to know;
to push yourself, to try new things – things to make you grow
in confidence and self-belief, you’ve learned to stand up tall,
you’ve been taught to question, learn from mistakes, and get up when you fall.
We’ve watched you girls immerse yourselves in life at MLC.
The opportunities you’ve had are mind-blowing to see;
lunchtime clubs and cultural tours, exchange to other schools,
rowing, skiing, vocal concerts, art and musicals,
Marshmead, Banksia, social service, sport and swimming too,
public speaking, music concerts, bands, to name a few,
chess and drama, cheerleading, debates and SRC;
what opportunities you’ve had at your school, MLC!
Your days at school, you’ll come to know, are precious as pure gold.
The things you’ve done and friends you’ve made create memories for when you’re old.
Think about your time at school and what stands out for you?
The times that made you happy, maybe times when you felt blue.
Remember your excitement when you first received your star?
But if you didn’t wear it you received a PBR!
Awaiting your audition for A Kidsummer Night’s Dream,
but because you cannot sing or dance – you’re in the backstage team!
The Build-a Basket program raising funds for charity,
House aths at Lakeside Stadium, dressing up madly,
the week-long camp at Banksia, crawling through a cave,
gathering in Star Plaza for The World’s Greatest Shave.
Packing seven bags for Marshmead, hopping on the bus,
finding friends to sit with, waving sad goodbyes to us.
Walking up to Marshmead, seeing the meeting place,
arriving back at school at last to parents’ fond embrace.
Cheerleading in the PEC and yelling your House chant,
winning Human of the Week and receiving your pot plant;
trying to be quiet for the prayers in school chapel,
a laugh with Jim and Libby as you walk around the school.
Joining the cross-country team and running ‘round the block,
making the school rowing squad – and up at 5 o’clock!
Up on stage for House PAF, lots of song and lots of dance,
the marvellous Beauty and the Beast – a wonderful romance.
The Parma for a Farmer, Sound and Light Festival,
Facebook pages for the clothes that you’ll wear to formal -
dresses, jewellery, shoes and waxing, getting hair just right.    
It’s amazing how much work goes into formal for one night!
Walking thorough the Krome Gates on our Founders’ Day,
showing off creations in the annual fashion parade.
The thing that I’m most proud of, that I would like to say,
is watching MLC Marching Band perform on ANZAC Day.
Leading our brave diggers as they march towards The Shrine,
proudly playing music as they try to march in time.
Think about the teachers who’ve really left their mark on you;
who’ve helped you out along the way with support in all you do;
maybe given up their recess break to help you with a SAC
or held classes in their lunchtime, after school, working back.
Teachers who taught you how to think, teachers who got you through
your SACs and pracs and revision work – we say a big ‘thank-you’.
To the staff and Diana Vernon, our valued Principal -
we wish you all the very best for ongoing-success-of-the-school.
The ‘Silver and Green’ may not be seen, your memories may fade,
but the thing that you’ll remember most is the friendships that you’ve made
and wherever you go around the world, overseas or locally,
you’ll always bump into a girl who’s gone to MLC!
‘You’ve laughed and talked and worked and played as day by day went past
and now you have to leave it all ‘, for exams are coming fast,
but remember as you work so hard to get a good ATAR,
the final number you receive does not define who-you-are
and whether you go travelling, to work or to u-ni,
you’ll always be a part of MLC community.
‘Old Traditions play a part greater than you know’
and you’ll be an MLC Collegian, wherever you may go.
Parents and teachers, it is with pleasure that I ask you charge your glass
and be upstanding for a toast to our 20-18 class ….
To our ‘World Ready Women’, we wish you well in all you do
and in the words of the Leavers’ Song, ‘Good bye, good luck to you’.
You’re now a precious part-of-the-history of the ‘Silver and Green’.                        
We wish you all the best for the future - TO THE CLASS OF 2018!